The Barricade

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who’s furniture stash “to do” pile slowly morphs into the barricade scene from Les Miserables!

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s hope. Not just for your furniture stash, but your entire house!

Winter Declutter Challenge (or Spring/Summer for my Northern friends)

We’re heading into winter here in Australia and it’s usually during this Autumn change of season and during Spring, that I like to sort our wardrobes at least, putting away summer clothes and bringing out the winter clothes. But I also know that there are other areas of the house that really need help in de-cluttering. Maybe your house needs a little helping hand too. When it comes to de-cluttering, it can seem like a big task. But once you get the idea into your head that there are solutions to help this process a lot easier to deal with. From self storage vancouver, to self storage in London, there are ways that you can improve the energy flow of your home and create more space.

Perhaps you are looking to put some items into keepsafe storage, or you just need some inspiration on how to save space in your home. This is something we wish we had considered a long time ago, especially not that there are too many unnecessary items in the house now. It’s come to the point where no one wants to attempt to clean it because it’s just overwhelming. But ever since a friend of ours mentioned the idea of using storage in Sydney, this did give a push in the right direction to finally do something about this mess. Whether you are getting your house ready for sale; getting your house ready for visitors; or simply need move from room to room without stepping over stuff, then I have a treat for you …

Introducing Kirsty, from Feels Like Home Professional Organisers.

Feels Like Home Professional Organisers was established in September 2012. Kirsty has been serving and training clients to restore order from their clutter, around the Hills District and throughout Sydney, Australia. “I am passionate about helping to bring about transformation to client’s homes and minds through patient and non-judgmental training of living clutter free,” says Kirsty.

When I saw that Kirsty was starting her 28 Day Declutter Challenge on the 1st of June, I promptly signed up for the challenge. I’d love you to join me on the journey to a de-cluttered house. It’s FREE, so what are you waiting for?

Click this image and sign up at the bottom of the Feels Like Home Professional Organisers home page.

But Wait, There’s More …

I know that you all love a good deal, and as part of the 28 day challenge, I Restore Stuff is offering you a chance to win $50 worth of product from our online store! Woohoo. (ie. anything from paint, to waxes or finishes, to knobs or canning labels – your choice)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Sign up to Feels Like Home Professional Organisers 28 day Declutter Challenge and Kirsty will add you to the private facebook group set up JUST for the challenge. Once you’ve received your invite to the Private Facebook group, let us know that you found out about the 28 Day Challenge via I Restore Stuff. You’ll receive one entry into the draw.
  2. For a second entry: make sure you are signed up to my blog here at I Restore Stuff. You’ll find the sign up either via a pop-up that appears on my blog, or the side panel (if you’re on a desktop), or scroll to the bottom of the page on your mobile device.

SO easy! The winner will be drawn at the end of the 28 Day Challenge.

Join us for a Facebook Live

I hosted Kirsty on my Facebook Page for a Live chat about a few of her TOP TIPS on decluttering or organizing your home. Here’s the full 38 minute video for you to glean all our combined wisdom (haha, really Kirsty’s wisdom) on this all important topic!

Your Furniture Decluttering Companion:

Don’t forget, that Marian Parsons has just come out with what I think would be a perfect companion to this declutter challenge. While you’re sifting through your “stuff”, take a coffee break and get a hold of The Home Design Doodle Book. Marian has a whole section on room re-sets – ie. taking everything out of a room, and only placing back the things that you love or that will fit your design style.

So unleash your inner designer and grab a copy today: