A Baby Name Sign – Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Custom Color

Baby Shower Gift Idea:

A friend had a little baby girl, and for her baby gift I wanted to make her a custom baby name sign.

On a side note, the same friend bought the beautiful antique rocking chair I had re-furbished earlier this year. You can see the post about the Rocker HERE.

rocker 12

I asked about the baby room colour scheme and she sent me a picture of the room with pretty lemon and soft grey walls …

Frankie-Rose room

Mixing Custom Milk Paint Colours:

I mixed a custom colour using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colours Mustard Seed Yellow and Ironstone:

Mustard-Seed-Yellow-Collage2-1024x1024Ironstone-Collage3-1024x1024Don’t ask me what quantities I used, because (eek) I didn’t take note – mainly because I was using up some left over Mustard Seed Yellow from another project, and simply added a spoon or two of Ironstone colour mixed with a little extra water to create this pretty lemon colour.Frankie-Rose 3

Transferring Graphics onto Wood or Furniture:

I then used the Carbon Paper method of transferring graphics after choosing fonts and making the text in a Word document. You can watch a video I made of how to transfer graphics using this method HERE.

After transferring the graphics and painting them on with Sharpie paint pen, I outlined a white “shadow” effect on the right side of the lettering to make the text “pop” out.Frankie-Rose 4

Finishing Touches:

For an antique finish, I very lightly distressed the lettering, and waxed the sign using a little of Miss Mustard Seed’s White Wax and mainly MMSMP Furniture Wax (clear). Always finish your pieces with a protective wax or oil or varnish.

All MMSMP Products are available on my products tab at the top of this page (Australian residents only).

Here are some more pics of the finished baby name sign:Frankie-Rose 10 Baby Name Sign Frankie-Rose 9 Frankie-Rose 8Frankie-Rose 2 Frankie-Rose 1 Frankie-Rose 7

This baby name sign is a fairly easy project that you can achieve with a little time and not much paint at all!

What furniture or decor projects have you been working on?

I’d love to see some of your work. You can post on my Facebook page or send me an message via the contact menu.

Feel free to Pin this page to your Pinterest boards. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Happy Painting!

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