Antique Cupboard – Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint Transformation

When a client brings me something like this and asks me to “do my thing” …
… I’m usually up for the challenge. Even when you open the cupboard doors and see the checkered contact paper that’s been added to this antique cupboard about half way through its lifetime.

This cupboard had been in their family for many years, belonging to Grandma and handed down to a sweet grand-daughter who is having her bedroom re-vamped ready for high school.

So here was step one: Sanding!
I got out the heavy duty belt sander for this one and planned my attack. The paint was a glossy heavy duty coat over another shade of green and maybe even cream under that. A few coats over the years!

SAFETY TIP: Always wear a dust mask and goggles when sanding – especially old pieces of furniture which may contain lead paint.

A great shabby chippy vibe going on right there!! We could stop here and people would go crazy to just have it like this:

But this wasn’t the look my client was after, as she was wanting something “white, a little distressed, and maybe that aged look”. I showed her something that I had already done in these kind of colours like the dresser I finished over HERE (click link). She loved that look, so that’s where we were headed.

She also sent along this old kitchen drawer which also came from Grandma, to do up only if I wanted to or had time to. Okay … like I’m going to say no to painting something in my workshop.

So I took out my can of Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint in Aged White:

After one coat:

And then two coats:
Great coverage! This was taken after distressing the edges.

And then some dark wax to finish of with an aged appearance. I used Blake & Taylor’s Dark Beeswax.

These were taken before I found a cute knob for the door with the key. The cupboard has an inside latch on the left side, but the right side just had a key hole, but no key, so kept coming open by itself.

The inside, where the blue checkered contact was stuck to. After peeling off the contact, the surface felt a little tacky to the touch as you could imagine after years of having sticky on it.
But after just one coat of Blake & Taylor’s Aged White, it created a smooth surface once again and you would not have any idea that it was once tacky.
I decided to just stick with the one coat of paint as it left it with a great white wash rustic appearance inside.

And look at the little drawer I painted to match. Almost like they were made for each other!
Sits on top of the cupboard just nicely and almost transforms this little combo into a dresser!

And here’s the little knob I found to go with it. I love the antique cracked porcelain look.

Another happy customer!
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Happy Painting!

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