Antique Sewing Table Makeover, Minwax Finished Top

When I found this desk at an Op Shop, I had to bring it home. My husband gets these calls from me asking sweetly if he could “drop by this shop and bring something home” in his van. He’s a keeper!!
And I’m so tempted to keep this table. She’s a beauty.
I loved the wood top which showed such lovely rustic characteristics, small holes and cuts and coffee cup stains from yesteryear! All telling a story of its previous life.
I’m assuming it was a sewing table, as the left part lifts up and tucks away as you’ll see in later pictures.
This is how she came home. A thick layer of 60’s or 70’s paint in a pinkish shade, but the top had been left alone.
I was about to paint her by hand and was thinking how long it would take and weighing up whether to pull out my paint sprayer. It’s a bit to mix and set up the sprayer as you have to water the paint down, pull out the extension cord and put it all together. But once again, my lovely husband reminded me that it would be so much quicker and even came up with a better way of painting it by flipping it upside down onto a couple of small saw horses I had.
So here she is belly up and you can see I just started spraying the undercoat on the left hand side before I decided to take a picture.
Here’s what it looked like with the sewing table flipped back on its hinges before painting.
After the spray painting – 1 coat primer/undercoat, 2 coats of Dulux Antique White USA.
I sanded back the wood top ready for finishing.
And here is the top finished with Minwax – my new favourite thing to varnish with. Goes on so easily with a clean cloth rubbed into the wood grains. You let it dry well between coats. I gave it two coats.
It doesn’t have that sticky tacky feel of newly applied varnish, but feels more oily to touch. It dries hard after 8 hours or so.
You can see the rustic chips and holes and coffee cup stains here. Great character.
And here’s the finished look!


This extra board extends out to the side! See below.


I lined the 3 drawers with old maps from an atlas.
Some of my fabric coffee bags, sack cushions, table runner, etc.


I could probably have taken out this handle and replaced it, but those nails were so stuck in this wood, I wasn’t going to mess with them in case I ruined the whole section.


And here’s how the table lifts up ….


… and sits back into the desk. I assume an old sewing machine would have sat on something along the ledges either side of this.


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