Apple Mac Display Monitor Chalkboard Hack

When this happened to my husbands Apple Mac 17″ Monitor … 

… I kind of freaked a bit! They cost a lot of money!
These monitors must have some kind of protective outer screen on top of the smashed screen that you can see more obviously on the inside. You couldn’t tell it was smashed by looking at it while it was turned off, and so he didn’t realise until it was plugged in and turned on, that this had happened. 
See – turned off – can’t tell it’s smashed:-
SO … a dead screen is useless right? Well, not totally …
… and I must say my HUSBAND thought of this genius idea, not me! You know I’ve been gradually re-decorating things in his Audio/Video Studio. (You can check out my other post HERE
So he thought this would look cool sitting in his studio with his gear if his “I Restore Stuff” wifey could hack it and turn it into a chalk board.
So here’s all I needed for this makeover:
– Chalkboard paint
– paintbrush
– painters tape
I taped the edges …
… gave it three coats of paint allowing to dry thoroughly between coats.
 Peel away the tape …

 Then as with all my chalkboards, they should be “seasoned” with a covering of chalk, then wiped off. This prevents “burning” of the chalk into the board as you write on it. That is, it tends to leave the imprinted words almost burning into the background when you wipe off if you don’t do this.

 All ready to go …

I know … not too crash hot on my chalkboard art today … I was in a hurry!
Well, its not my usually shabby chic furniture painting post today, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. Just another re-purposing, up-cycling idea to add to your list of things to do for fun!
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Happy Painting!

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