Fusion Fresco and a Cabinet Re-makeover!

A Cabinet Re-makeover – just because …

This little cabinet was painted several years ago with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the colours Linen & Eulalie’s Sky.

You can read the original blog post to see that it was all wood and had these really chippy grooves happening in the sides.
Well, I decided this gal needed a cabinet re-makeover after sitting in the house for so long, and I filled in the grooves in the sides and along the top with some builders bog, then chose to use Fusion’s Fresco texturizing medium to get some good sea swept texture on this piece. Fresco

Mixing Fresco:

I mixed one part Fresco powder to 2 parts Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour, Soap Stone.

Mix until it is only JUST combined – similar to a cottage cheese look with lots of lumps – lumps are GOOD.

Then just paint it on using an old chip brush or a small artist trowel.

Adding White Wax

To get a really aged patina, and a somewhat sea-swept look, I chose to add white wax. I love the way the waxes can change the whole look of a piece. The white wax settles into the textured valleys of the Fresco layer and creates a beachy white washed look. I use a Madeline wax brush to brush on the wax, then rub away excess with a lint free cloth.

Adding an Appliqué

I had received some beautiful appliqués from Tres Jolie Home and just as I was almost finished waxing the top of this cupboard, I looked at the backboard and thought – this needs some bling!

This lovely little floral piece was the perfect fit for the centre of the backboard, and was easily affixed using some Liquid Nails.

I clamped it down while waiting for it to dry, then painted over the whole appliqué with the Soap Stone grey colour.

Then I continued with the white wax, to finish of the top of the cabinet. I left the inside as it was with the Eulalie’s Sky blue interior, as the paint surface was still in good condition inside.


cabinet re-makeover

Haha – I spy my legs in the glass. So I added some light inside.

Fresco cabinet re-makeover

cabinet re-makeover

I hid a couple of LED lights inside for the picture.

Fresco Pinterest

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