Fusion Mineral Paint Tester Trial

I was really excited about trying this paint after hearing so much about it from U.S. bloggers over the last several months. Fusion™ Mineral Paint is produced through Homestead House Paint Company in Canada, the same company that manufactures Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products.

Fusion Paint Box 2

I’ll just say up front, that I am now a retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint, and have just begun stocking my shelves. But before I commit to adding a product to my website to make it available for others, I like to test it out and make sure I’m completely happy with using it myself.

How Far Will It Go?

So here’s my little 37mL tester jar, and I’m about to see how far this little sample will get me! I had this antique tool or lunch box sitting around my workshop for a while, so thought it would make a good trial piece.

Dimensions of this box are: 38cm x 26cm x 23cmFusion Paint Box 1I like using this mini natural bristle brush that I got from Dandelion Wood (Webster’s Paint Powder stockist). It’s a perfect size for so many things like painting frames, getting into nooks & grooves of detailed pieces with paint or waxes.Fusion Paint Box 3 Fusion Paint Box 4But for this purpose, I discovered it is THE perfect size for these little Fusion™ tester bottles…Fusion Paint Box 5I wasn’t over generous with dipping my brush in, as I really wasn’t sure how far this paint would go, or how many coats I’d get out of 37mL of paint.Fusion Paint Box 6

Good Coverage:

You can see with this first coat, that it covers pretty well:Fusion Paint Box 7 Fusion Paint Box 8So here we are after one coat – I just painted the outside. I still have more left to start a 2nd coat, so lets see how far I get …Fusion Paint Box 9 Fusion Paint Box 10 Fusion Paint Box 11And here’s after the second coat – and I  JUST made it! Yay – great coverage.Fusion Paint Box 12
Fusion Paint Box 14

Sample Tester No. 2:

Now to paint the insides – I chose another sample pot (37mL) in the colour, Champness, a pretty pale blue with greyish undertones.Fusion Paint Box 15 Fusion Paint Box 16 Fusion Paint Box 17 Fusion Paint Box 18After one coat:Fusion Paint Box 19 Fusion Paint Box 20And now, two coats …Fusion Paint Box 21

Adding Final Touches:

I added some pull cup handles (also available on my product page):Fusion Paint Box 22

Distressing (Sanding) or No Distressing?

I decided to sand the edges of this box as it was very rustic to begin with, and had a fair share of dings and chips. The Fusion™ paint sanded back quite well, although I did it fairly soon (maybe under an hour) after the paint had dried. I’d say the longer you leave it, the harder it would be to distress the edges.Fusion Paint Box 23 Fusion Paint Box 24 Fusion Paint Box 25 Fusion Paint Box 26 Fusion Paint Box 27 I threw this pillow (size 12) in the box to give you an idea of the box size visually.Fusion Paint Box 28

Final Thoughts:

So there you go! Overall, I’m really happy with the results and very excited to be stocking Fusion™ Mineral Paint here at I Restore Stuff. We ship Australia wide, so head on over to our product page where you’ll see beautiful collages of colours and inspiration to paint your furniture.

Here are a couple more pics from the Fusion website, that give you an idea of just how much a tester size covers, and below that, a pint size (500mL).Fusion website button v2

Fusion website button v2
I’ll be posting soon, about my morning over at a friends house, where I helped her get started on some painting projects. I introduced her to Fusion™ Mineral Paint and we ended up painting 3 pieces and still had some left over in the standard 500mL pot.

Don’t forget to look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, and I have several tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

Till next time …

Happy Painting!


We are authorised retailers for Fusion Mineral Paint and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Australia. This blog post may contain affiliate links.

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  • Reply
    February 4, 2015 at 6:30 am

    You should stock those little brushes! It looks perfect :]

    • Reply
      February 4, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Yes, Kristie, I should look into that! They are perfect for so many things.

  • Reply
    Victoria Meyers
    February 4, 2015 at 9:25 am

    I just want to thank YOU for sharing with us your discovery of Fusion Mineral Paint! I would not have known about it!

    • Reply
      February 4, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Oh glad you enjoyed the post Victoria.

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