How to Season Your Newly Painted Chalkboard

So you’ve just painted a chalkboard.

You’ve painted a chalkboard – painting the frame in a shabby chic or boho style, and you’ve painted the inside board using some kind of chalk board paint.

And you’re all ready to write your AMAZING first message or QUOTE or MENU – … WAIT, STOP, HOLD EVERYTHING!

chalk board 4

Did you know that Chalkboards should be seasoned?

Whether you’ve made it yourself, or bought one from a shop, it is advisable to season your board first, and the reason is, that if you don’t, the first words that you write on your board, will seem like they’ve been burned in or etched in to the board and very difficult to erase.

Chalkboard paint creates a porous surface, and when we season the board, we are filling all the tiny porous holes with little bits of chalk, so that when we write on the board, it will be easier to erase.

Here’s what to do:

I usually remove the frame from the chalkboard if it is possible. I make my own chalkboards, so the frame is usually removed anyway for me to paint them separately.

Using a piece of clean chalk, rub it sideways over the entire board, both horizontally and vertically until you have covered every part of the board.

chalk board 1

Using a wet cloth or rag, erase all of the chalk from the board.chalk board 3You may need to do this a couple of times, rinsing in between, or even use a dry rag.chalk board 2Now your board is seasoned and all ready for use…chalk board 5This was for a friend’s 50th Birthday party:KKs Frame 6Family chalk board 1chalkboards 1 chalkboards 2 chalkboards 3

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Happy Painting!

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