Luckett’s Green & Dried Lavender IKEA Box Makeover – MMSMP

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Colour of the Month Project

Yay! One of my favourite Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colours is Luckett’s Green, and it happens to be one of MMSMP’s colour of the month along with another pretty colour: Dried Lavender (now discontinued).

Lucketts Lavender box 2

Notice how they look in powder form. Luckett’s Green doesn’t appear green, and Dried Lavender actually appears more purple in the powdered form than it does in paint form, I think.

Lucketts Lavender box 1

I started with this ordinary IKEA box. The lid is removable, not on hinges, and the panels in the side are only masonite board (smooth on outside and rough on the inside), but I was given three of these boxes brand new and I was so grateful to be able to transform each of them in a different way. So look out for more blog posts on these.

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photo 1 It’s a nice timber top and I wanted to try a Dried Lavender wash on the top to darken the underneath of the Luckett’s Green top I wanted to finish the box with.

Lucketts Lavender box 3

I mixed a Dried Lavender wash/stain by blending one (1) part powder to three (3) parts water.

Lucketts Lavender box 5

Painting with a wash or stain is pretty easy, but it does soak really quickly into raw porous wood like this one.

Lucketts Lavender box 4

Here’s the finished effect of the stain using Dried Lavender. See the difference it makes? You can see the other box in the background to see the blonde colour of the original box lid. I stained the whole box using this wash mix.

Lucketts Lavender box 6

I wanted to create a resist, so that when sanding back my next layer of paint, the lovely dried lavender colour would show through. So I used MMSMP Hemp Oil, which is another of my favourite products for use on wood or paint as a finish. For this project I used it as a “resist” by coating all of the Dried Lavender stain with a generous amount of hemp oil. I didn’t go overboard, but I just didn’t rub it in as such. Simply get a good dribble on your cloth and wipe on.

1496100_787726937909881_1881177968_o (1)

I mixed equal parts of Luckett’s Green MMSMP powder and water using my MMSMP Blender. Then layered it over the top of the Dried Lavender wash and hemp oil. These pics were taken on my phone at night, so colour may be a little different, sorry. See the darkened wash of Dried Lavender due to the hemp oil? Looked lovely just like that actually.

Lucketts Lavender box 8

I went over all the wood parts of the box (remember I had stained the whole box with the Dried Lavender wash AND given a coating of Hemp Oil).

I didn’t paint the side panels in Luckett’s Green as I’d be painting them in Dried Lavender.

Lucketts Lavender box 9

I then sanded back very gently all over the lid and box wood, revealing the layer of Dried Lavender underneath the Luckett’s Green. It gives a nice soft colour effect all over.

Lucketts Lavender box 10

Lucketts Lavender box 11

Lucketts Lavender box 14

Then I mixed equal parts Dried Lavender to water and painted the panels and inside the box with this colour.

You can see in pic below, the hemp oil on the edges, from when I coated the wood parts in hemp oil. I didn’t freak out about this because I was planning to finish with hemp oil all over and this totally blended all over in the finished outcome.

Lucketts Lavender box 12

Lucketts Lavender box 15

For a finishing touch, I used the carbon transfer method to put graphics on the lid of the box. One of my favourite song lyrics that I like to use on my furniture every now and then.

Lucketts Lavender box 16

Lucketts Lavender box 17

And here’s the finished look:

Box finished 2 (1)

Lucketts Lavender box 19

Lucketts Lavender box 21

To the inside panels, I used ASCP (Paloma) as it is a much thicker paint and was easier to cover the very porous, rough side to the masonite board inside. It is a lavender shade, so the two lavender colours blended well I think.

Lucketts Lavender box 24

Lucketts Lavender box 25


If you live in the Brisbane or Logan area and would like to learn more about painting with Milk Paint, I hold workshops. You can find the latest workshop info on the “Workshop” tab, or click here.

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Happy Painting everyone!

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