Brushkeeper BUNDLE – All Four Eco Brush Sizes

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Brushkeeper bundle – save 10% on a bundle of all four eco-brush sizes, together with their handy brush-keeper container – a true brush saver!

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Brushkeeper Bundle & Save on our set of FOUR Brushkeepers

Brushkeeper with Eco-brush is a handy and durable paint brush with holder, available in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.
Suitable for acrylic & alkyd paints, the Eco-brushes are self-cleaning and come beautifully presented on an information card.

This bundle includes all four sizes available in the Brushkeeper series:

  • Brushkeeper Size 10
  • Brushkeeper Size 12
  • Brushkeeper Size 14
  • Brushkeeper Size 16

Limited time only

This bundle is only offered for a LIMITED TIME, so take advantage of it now as you browse for paint and other items you may need to purchase for your paint projects.

BrushKeeper Features

  • Convenient storage of paint brush during paint job up to 5 days (dry) and for longer storage (months) fill with water (acrylic) or turpentine (alkyd) and it automatically cleans itself in a few days.
  • Also handy when climbing a ladder or for transport
  • Protects bristles for excellent smooth result every time
  • Environmentally Friendly: – recyclable PET, savings of brushes, turpentine, chemical waste and plastic.

Brushkeepers are the best solution to prevent dried out paint brushes!

For more info and a video demo of Brushkeeper eco brushes, visit our regular product page here.


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