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For those who admire the beauty of hand-painted furniture, Miss Mustard Seed has made the look even easier to achieve by expanding her thriving Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line to include an exciting new range of stencils.

Known for her elegant hand-painted furniture, blogger Marian Parsons, also known as Miss Mustard Seed, waited for inspiration to strike before designing a stencil line that reflects her unique artistic view.

“I had the idea to make the stencils from my hand-painted designs that I’ve used on furniture,” says Marian, President of Miss Mustard Seed Interiors LLC. “The stencils are cut from my exact brush strokes. The feathering of the bristles and the inconsistencies were retained, making them unique to the market.”

Taken from favourite hand-painted patterns, the five stencil designs are elegant, simple and have a distinctly feminine touch, something Marian allowed to inspire their names. Nancy, Kimbrough, Linda, Elizabeth and Susan. These are the names of women significant in Marian’s life who helped shape and encourage her, including her mother, aunt and niece. “We have a tradition in our family of passing names down, so I decided to pass family names down to my stencils,” Marian laughs. “It was a bit of a whim, but I’m happy to honour them in this small way.”

Stencilling has a rich history of decorative and artistic use throughout the world, from inside the pyramids of Egypt, to the walls of Pompeii. Stencils were rediscovered and mass produced in modern times making them readily available to everyday DIY-ers.

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