Vintage Cabinet With a Medical History Gets a Facelift

My Aunt & Uncle asked me to restore this old vintage cabinet they have, which came from their family doctor’s surgery. Their doctor had become more of a family friend and a father figure to my Aunty, after seeing them through the birth of all four of their children and growing up with all the regular family doctor visits. They became quite close, and sadly passed away a couple of years ago. So this cabinet holds a lot of sentimental value to my Aunt, and it became somewhat of a random storage place for all sorts of things for the family.medical cabinet 3

But with recent renovations to their home, including a big kitchen redo, my aunt had found the perfect place to fit her old medical cabinet, and wanted it painted to match the theme going on in the new kitchen.medical cabinet 2

There were several small repairs that needed to be done before I could begin the painting. I began by removing hinges, and here’s a free tip for you:

When removing hinges on antique furniture, place the hinge in a zip lock bag with its screws and mark where it came from eg. bottom left. I have found that sometimes, it matters, and you don’t want ill fitting cabinet doors when it all goes back together.medical cabinet 4

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I did a fair bit of wood glueing and clamping on some parts where hinges had caused wood to split and I used wood putty to bog some holes, including this door edge where some veneer had chipped off. I was worried how this might turn out, but the corner squared off nicely!medical cabinet 9Here is one coat of the colour they had custom tinted to match the kitchen cabinet laminate that was in the newly renovated kitchen. Its a very pale blue:medical cabinet 10Here is a pic my Aunty sent of their new kitchen cabinets:IMG_4640The inside, I painted a charcoal grayish black, which matches in with their counter tops that are similar colour marble effect. I painted inside first, then worked on the outside.medical cabinet 6Looking awesome already …medical cabinet 11Now for a little distressing … using Sandi Hands sanding gloves. They are so good for all sorts of sanding and save your nails and hands from being distressed at the same time!medical cabinet 12I then waxed the entire piece using Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax, which is so nice and buttery compared to a lot of other furniture waxes I’ve tried. medical cabinet 14I re-assembled the doors and hardware, including some of these new hinge stopper thingy’s (insert proper name here?) as the old ones had broken.medical cabinet 15My Aunty picked out these black knobs and cup pull which complemented the insides nicely.medical cabinet 16 medical cabinet 18And here is the finished look:medical cabinet 20medical cabinet 23 medical cabinet 25 medical cabinet 26I found these old medical books lying around my house, so couldn’t help picking them to use for this photo shoot.medical cabinet 27And of course, some cute medicine bottles to complete the picture, since this was used in a doctor’s surgery at one time in it’s life, it was only fitting.medical cabinet 28medical cabinet 31 medical cabinet 34 medical cabinet 35 medical cabinet 36 medical cabinet 37 medical cabinet 38

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Happy Painting!

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