It all started with a pair of bedside tables…

Hi, I’m Sharon Hankins – a furniture painter & restorer who loves to upcycle and repurpose old, neglected pieces and give them a new lease on life. I started painting furniture just over 10 years ago, inspired by my aunty who was upcycling furniture herself.

I started with a pair of worn-out pastel blue bedsides. I sanded them back, painted them white, distressed the edges and fitted them with new hardware for a shabby chic look. I loved how they turned out and I was thrilled at how far they had come. Above all, I loved the process of giving them a fresh, new facelift.

That’s where it all began – my love (okay, my addiction!) for painting and repurposing furniture and décor. Soon, I was selling my pieces on eBay and sharing details of my projects on my blog and it wasn’t long until my hobby morphed into a thriving business.

About I Restore Stuff

Initially a blog for thrifty DIYers and home renovators, I Restore Stuff now helps anyone with an interest in reviving old furniture, encouraging them to give it a go. Sharing educational tutorials, tips and inspirational makeovers, our goal is to show you how easy and fulfilling it is to revive dull furniture with a splash of paint.

After being approached by several paint retailers, the site now sells premium, eco-friendly brands of furniture paint as well as related DIY accessories that Sharon genuinely loves.We also have a physical shop within the Camp Hill Antique Centre where you can purchase furniture paint and DIY accessories, as well as our painted furniture and décor.

The next step for I Restore Stuff is to build online training and workshops for aspiring furniture painters and crafters – stay tuned!

What about you?

Whether you’re looking for tips to tackle your first project or hoping to turn your side-hustle into a profitable business, we’re here to help! If you’re new to furniture restoration and upcycling, check out our video tutorials and blog for step-by-step guidance. You’ll also find everything you need to get started in our shop.

If you’re already a keen upcycler why not grow your creative hobby into a real business and gain the confidence and skills to sell your creations? Led by Sharon, our one-on-one mentor workshop sessions are designed to improve your skills and equip you to take your furniture restoration or creative business to the next level. Book in your session now.

Are you ready to get started?

Don’t put it off any longer – get in touch today to learn how you can finally get started on your furniture restoration journey and reap the rewards!