One on One Mentor Workshop Sessions (by appointment)



I am pleased to offer this coaching service of ONE HOUR, one-on-one mentor workshop sessions, with the aim of helping you to become better skilled and equipped to take your furniture makeovers and/or your creative business to the NEXT LEVEL.

Do you …

  • want to move from up-cycling furniture (or insert your creative niche here) as a HOBBY, to taking steps to grow your passion into a small BUSINESS?
  • have a small DIY or creative business and would like to learn how to increase your presence online?
  • want to learn more advanced skills in various furniture painting techniques?

With experience and success in growing from a hobby to a small business restoring and painting furniture and home decor, I have grown in skill level in a number of key areas, and am ready to share some of my ‘trade secrets’ with you in a one-on-one mentoring session to assist you in growing and developing your small business.

One on One Mentor Workshop Sessions are:

  • a 1 hour personal skype call (or facetime) with me, Sharon, to help you learn the skills you need to succeed in your creative business!
  • a chance to “pick my brain” and gain insight into the things you’d like to apply to your own creative business.

How to prepare:

Here are some key areas of expertise you may want to learn more about. Choose a few key areas, and have your questions ready for our session ahead of time:

1. Business/Marketing:
  1. How to grow a local or an online presence, including marketing strategies & ideas
  2. Social media – strategies and best practices for using & growing your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube & more.
  3. How to start a blog & whether a blog is right for your business.
  4. Email lists, how they can be a vital part of growing your business and how to start your list.
  5. Graphics – how to create images that tell your story and implement them in your social media strategy and marketing ideas.
  6. Photography and staging advice that will help “sell” your story.
  7. Video – how to use this to your advantage, even if you consider yourself to be shy. Video can be a game changer for growing your creative business & online presence.


build your social pages - mentor workshop sessions


2. Painting furniture/Techniques:
    1. What to look for before purchasing a piece & where to find items to up-cycle
    2. Prepping furniture to paint – the importance of prep; which types of furniture need what kind of prep?
    3. Difference between various types of furniture paint and what works best for different styles of painted pieces
    4. Different finishes and finishing products, what to use in what situations (waxes, varnishes, oils & more)
    5. Any other specific painting or embellishment skills that you’d like to know more about: stencilling, embossing, transferring images, appliques, etc.

mentor workshop sessions

Ready to Learn?

I LOVE teaching and sharing with others, the skills that I’ve learned over the years. I’d love to help you to be all that you can be in your business, no matter what level you are at right now. So if you feel like this is for you, go for it! And get ready for take off!

World Wide Assistance

Yes, you can take advantage of my one-on-one Mentor Sessions from anywhere in the world. You just need to have access to the internet using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.


Book Me In

To book your one on one mentor workshop:

  • Add this “item” to your shopping cart and pay via paypal,
  • I’ll receive your notification and contact you via the email address you provide, regarding a suitable time for your workshop session.
  • When I email you, I’ll remind you of the above “key learning areas” that you may want to address in your session so that you can have some questions ready before we start.
  • For attendees outside Australia, please email me at if you are unable to process payment via paypal and I can invoice you separately.
  • For any other enquiries about using this service, please email

I hope to see you in a workshop soon!


“I have recently partaken a one on one mentor – preceptor workshop with Sharon with the goal to grow my business. I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop. I was able to come out of it with more confidence to build my website and client email list more successfully with the intent to grow my client base. Sharon is a lovely person, makes you feel comfortable and has a wealth of knowledge to share. I will be booking in another in the near future. Thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to grow their business to attend a workshop with Sharon.”
– Meg