My Favourite Tools



Often people will ask me what my favourite tools are for different aspects of my work. Both as a business, and as a DIYer I have found several “tools” that work for me – and that I love to use as a part of my day to day biz.

I’ve divided the list into “Business Tools” and “DIY Tools” for your convenience. Some of my favourite tools may lead to affiliate links – this just means I may get a small commission if you choose to purchase via this link, at no additional cost to you. As stated, these are tools that I love to use and that work for me. I won’t post about things that I don’t absolutely LOVE to use.

Note: for North American readers, I have included separate Amazon affiliate links in brackets for your convenience.

Business Tools

Social dots

Social Dots! These nifty gadgets are like an alternative for business cards. They’re great for connecting your clients and even networking with colleagues to share your contact details, social media profiles and even link your FAQ pages or highlight a promotion.


This is the website builder that I’ve used to build my website. Lots of online tutorials on how to add plugins. Easy to grow your business this way.


Tailwind helps to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts automatically! It also has an amazing Smart Bio feature for Instagram, which allows me to have one url link in my Instagram bio that directs people to all the important links I might refer to in my Instagram posts, stories or reels. Tailwind is amazing for automatically scheduling seasonal Pinterest posts on a loop so you never have to think about adding them in to your schedule each season. (Paid subscriber features are so much better)


Canva is almost as good as having your own personal Graphic Designer in your pocket. Create fun graphics for ALL your socials. Upload your own branding with Canva Pro and have all your fonts and brand colours ready to change out any of their templated designs. SO much you can use Canva for and it’s in daily use here at I Restore Stuff.


LED On-camera, Bi-colour Video Light – great for Lives on Facebook or pre-recorded video to add extra lighting to your shot.


Amazing difference this Rode Lav mic makes for recording Instagram or Facebook video as the audio goes directly into your phone, cutting out all the background noises. (USA link here.) Extension Cable For SmartLav+ Microphone, 20 Feet – so you can be even further away from your iPhone and the mic still picks up your voice only. (USA link here.)

(Above contains affiliate links.)

The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.

– Benjamin Franklin

DIY Tools


Check this blog post all about the tools I use for sanding: How to Choose the Best Sander for Your Furniture Project.


  • Prep: Zinsser BIN Stain Blocker – for dealing with ‘bleed through’ or ‘resist’. (USA: Zinsser BIN)
  • Drill/Screwdriver – Ryobi ONE (USA: Ryobi ONE drill)
  • Hot Glue Gun – Ryobi One (USA link here)


My Amazon Favourites

Additionally, you can browse my Amazon USA Influencer storefront HERE. I’ve curated a bunch of my favourite books, home decor, tools and even Live video gear for you to “window shop” for inspiration.

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