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I’m often asked about the differences in the Fusion colours if a customer is ordering online, especially with the whites, as it is a little more difficult to tell them apart unless they are side by side. Jennylyn from Fusion Mineral Paint has created these great videos showcasing the colours in the Fusion line and painting them out on pure white paper so you can see the true colour differences (note: videos don’t include some of the newer colours)

I have summarised descriptions of each colour above the videos. I hope you find this helpful in choosing the best colour for your needs.

We have each of these colour collages displayed in our product section, but having them side by side with similar colourings like this helps with deciding between the different hues.

** Australian painters, you can purchase any of these colours by clicking on the colour images of your choice to take you to the product.

Fusion Colours: Whites

Picket Fence (Michael Penney collection) – brightest white in the line.

picket fence collage
Picket Fence

Casement – more of a pure white with just the slightest hint of yellow.

Casement thumbnail

Raw Silk – a warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey. I’d consider this to be between Casement & Lamp White, but leaning closer to Casement. Great coverage.

Raw Silk

Limestone – off white with a stronger sense of yellow undertone.

Limestone collage

Plaster – more yellow undertone than Limestone.


Champlain – neutral white, warm tone, hints of yellow and gray (one of the most popular in the line)

champlain collage

Lamp White – off white with gray undertone.

lamp white collage

Goddess Ashwagandha – off white in between Champlain & Lamp White with amazing coverage.

New colours by Fusion. Goddess Ashwagandha.
Goddess Ashwagandha Fusion colour 2019

Note: the following video does not contain the newer colours, Raw Silk, Plaster & Goddess Ashwagandha.

Fusion colours: Taupes & Greys:

Sterling – a grey with soft subtle yellow undertones


Pebble (Michael Penney Collection) – a chameleon colour with a couple of different undertones that often change with the lighting that is present in the room. soft hint of green, natural feel.


Goddess Ashwagandha (Lisa Marie Holmes collection) – described by Fusion as “equal parts light, warm and airy, this particular shade is rooted in minimalism. A grounding neutral.” Slightly grayish brown in tone. Browner than Pebble, but grayer than Cathedral Taupe.

Collage Goddess Ashwagandha
Goddess Ashwagandha

Cathedral Taupe – very subtle pink/purple undertones, not typically seen unless put side by side with white. By itself almost an off white/tan colour.

Cathedral Taupe
Cathedral Taupe

Bedford – green undertone, chameleon colour – can change in different lights: either a soft lighter grey or can bring out the green hugh.


Linen – rich depth reminiscent of natural linen, subtle green undertones.

Algonquin – beige with pink undertones.


Putty – the perfect greige blend of grey & beige in a soft, light, neutral tone.


Note: this video does not contain the newer colours, Putty & Ashwagandha.

Fusion Colours: blues

Laurentien – blue & green undertones, a little more green. Throwback to the 50’s – a bright vibrant pastel green.


Heirloom (Michael Penney Collection) – pretty soft blue with green tones, also has a grey tone, creating more of a muddy green.


Inglenook – neutral blue with a grey/green


Renfrew Blue – a vibrant dark teal.

Renfrew Blue
Renfrew Blue

Seaside (Michael Penney Collection) – more of a true blue than others in the line. Undertones of grey, quite a darker blue.


Homestead Blue – similar to Seaside, but darker, greyer.

Homestead Blue

Champness – bright sky blue


Fusion Colours: deep blues & greys

Liberty Blue – dark, true blue

Liberty Blue

Midnight Blue – A deep, dark blue with gray undertones

Midnight blue
Midnight Blue

Homestead Blue – (also mentioned above in the last video)

Homestead Blue

Ash – charcoal grey


Coal Black – true jet black

Coal Black

Soapstone (Michael Penney Collection) – reminiscent of a true natural soapstone, dark grey. Has a slight blue undertone when dry.

Note: this video does not contain the newer colour, Midnight Blue.

Fusion Colours: Greens

Laurentien – a vintage green (also mentioned in the blue section above for its blue tones)


Aubusson (discontinued) – a yellow green that has a muddy tone

Upper Canada Green (discontinued) – vibrant green with a muddy undertone but more green than Aubusson.

Ceramic (discontinued) – vibrant bright green

Lilly Pond (discontinued) – blue & green tones with raw umber pigment creating a muddy vintage green

Inglenook – (also mentioned in the blue section above) soft grey blue green pastel.


Bayberry (New since video above) – deep rich olive green.


Park Bench (New since video above) – dark, tree green

Park Bench
Park Bench

Lichen (New since video above) – a grey green, reminiscent of lichen in nature.


Note: this video does not contain the new colours, Bayberry, Park Bench or Lichen.

So there you go, I hope you find the colour you are looking for – if not, you know that you can create your own custom colour by blending any of the colours together – colour mixing is fun! Experiment, be creative.

Here are some Custom Colour combinations to start you on your way (scroll to the bottom section, click on a colour you like and write down the colour combination needed to create the colour you’ve selected. You can purchase these colours from your local Fusion retailer).

NOTE: This is not a full comprehensive colour guide of all the Fusion colours. For more information and a guide to Fusion’s colour range visit Fusion’s colour chart here.

OR: purchase one of our Real Colour Swatch Charts or Swatch Stick Sets.

Happy Painting,