Fusion Mineral Paint Dresser Set – Refinished!

dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 1

AFTER: Dresser & Bedside Set


dresser & bedside Laurentien 1

BEFORE: Bedside cupboard.

dresser & bedside Laurentien 2

BEFORE: Dresser & Mirror

When I first picked up these two pieces of furniture, I didn’t even know they were a matching set! The smaller bedside had the handles that are in the picture above, but the large dresser had some plastic handles that looked totally different. It looks like the dresser had begun to be repainted by a previous owner, but not completed.

So the sanding began …dresser & bedside Laurentien 3There were layers of history caked up on this smaller bedside:dresser & bedside Laurentien 4Dresser is back to wood on the top. I’m not so worried about sanding back the base and back as I’m painting over them.dresser & bedside Laurentien 5 The hard part was getting all the old paint out of the grooves. I tried some stripper and a scrubber, then finished off with sandpaper in the grooves.dresser & bedside Laurentien 6The bedside cupboard had all the purple paint going on – that was painful to get out!!dresser & bedside Laurentien 8I wiped down both wood tops with a wet rag to remove all the sanding dust.dresser & bedside Laurentien 9When it was all dry, I finished off sanding with the finest grade Sandi Hands Sanding Glove removable hand grit (400 grit). This gave the most silky smooth finish to the tops.dresser & bedside Laurentien 10All ready to stain …dresser & bedside Laurentien 12For staining, I love to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Curio for a rich walnut colour. Using 1 part paint powder to 3 parts water, it creates a wash effect or stain where you can still see the wood grain:dresser & bedside Laurentien 15dresser & bedside Laurentien 13After brushing on to the surface, remove excess stain/milk paint with a cloth for an even surface colour.dresser & bedside Laurentien 14Here’s what the surface will look like as it is drying. It can often have a chalky gray appearance. Don’t panic, once you apply the wax or hemp oil finish, it will come up a beautiful colour again.dresser & bedside Laurentien 16While the drying process was going on with the wood tops, I selected this beautiful Fusion Mineral Paint colour for the base of the furniture, and I used Lamp White for the drawers and inside of the cupboard. It’s a minty pastel green. I could eat it, it looks so fresh and yummy!dresser & bedside Laurentien 19Fusion Paint comes in 24+ colours and is available in these 500ml pots or 37ml samplers.dresser & bedside Laurentien 20Here’s the first layer going down. Fusion paint gives really good coverage. This set was a little patchy, so I know I’ll need two coats.dresser & bedside Laurentien 22Here’s two coats: (I know, looks a little blue, but it’s just the lighting at night)dresser & bedside Laurentien 31Next we move on to oiling the lovely wood tops with Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil:Hemp OilSometimes I apply the oil with a clean rag or Chux wipe, this time I used a brush. Apply in nice even strokes over the dried surface. Wait a few minutes, then remove the excess oil with a clean rag, moving in strokes along the wood grain.dresser & bedside Laurentien 25dresser & bedside Laurentien 26Here’s the large dresser after first applying the hemp oil with a brush:dresser & bedside Laurentien 27And here it is after wiping down with a cloth after a few minutes:dresser & bedside Laurentien 29dresser & bedside Laurentien 28After leaving the surface of hemp oil to soak in over night, here is the result:
dresser & bedside Laurentien 30 dresser & bedside Laurentien 32Notice the difference in the two colours of the wood in the above pictures? This is about the time I had a “DUH!” moment and realised that these two pieces were actually a matching set. But because I didn’t know that before, I had planned on painting these two pieces in totally different colours! I also chose to make the bedside a darker wood on top, and I diluted the curio colour mixture down to create a lighter wood for the dresser. I still can’t believe I didn’t see that they were a matching set, seriously … Now that top colour difference was really going to annoy me …

On to painting the dresser – and look at that patchy paint – yep, going straight over it. Sorry to all you perfectionist painters out there.dresser & bedside Laurentien 35 dresser & bedside Laurentien 36I taped over the oiled wood to do the backboard of the dresser and covered the top with a cloth to avoid speckles of paint on the nicely finished wood work.dresser & bedside Laurentien 37 The drawers received two coats of Lamp White (Fusion Mineral Paint). Its a very soft white with greyish undertones.
dresser & bedside Laurentien 38 Inside of the bedside cupboard is Lamp White also.dresser & bedside Laurentien 39Next, I tackled the drawer handles. These were the ones that came on the little cupboard, and I found the exact type at our local hardware store, so bought another 6 for the dresser drawers – now that I knew these were a matching set … (still can’t believe I didn’t see it).dresser & bedside Laurentien 18After cleaning them up a bit with a scourer and a light sanding, I painted the wood part with the Laurentien colour.dresser & bedside Laurentien 40And used Fusion Mineral Paint’s Copper Gilding paste to paint over the brassy handles. The gilding paste is a high viscosity sunflower oil saturated with pigment. It hardly has any odour because of the natural ingredients. It comes in Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pale Gold, Metallic Silver, and two accent colours; Antiquing and White. I applied with a brush in this case, but most times you can apply a thin layer with a cloth to highlight areas and details on furniture & decor.dresser & bedside Laurentien 41I usually tape down around mirrors with newspaper and painters tape. I know some people prefer to go around the edges and scrape paint over spill with a putty knife, but I find this easier and a cleaner finish.dresser & bedside Laurentien 42Almost there – and you know that colour difference in the top was still bugging me, so I ended up sanding back the dresser top again and re-coating with equal parts of stain to match the small bedside. So much better, and my mind can be at peace again.

dresser & bedside Laurentien 46All finished and ready for someone’s bedroom! This will be for sale, so if you are in the Brisbane/Logan/G Coast area and interested, please email me.dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 2dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 3 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 4 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 5 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 6 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 8 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 10dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 11 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 13 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 14 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 15 dresser & bedside Laurentien finished 16I was really happy with the way they turned out, and just for the record, I still have about half a jar left over in the 500ml pot of Laurentien that I opened to start this project! I just needed the two coats. I’m impressed!FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRenderdresser & bedside Laurentien finished 1

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  • Reply
    March 9, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Lovely makeover! Love the colour. Thanks for sharing on Silver Pennies.

  • Reply
    March 11, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Really beautiful set from something not so beautiful to begin with Sharon!

  • Reply
    April 2, 2015 at 1:19 am

    So lovely! I have painted a couple of things in the Laurentien as well and totally love the color. I had to laugh at your “I could eat it” comment. It does remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, right? It looks like you put a lot of work into restoring these pieces, and they look amazing!

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