FRESCO Texture Medium – by Fusion Mineral Paint



Fresco gives you the perfect sea swept, weathered, worn and rustic textured look.

Fresco is 100% Natural and contains no VOC’s.

Depending on your mix and application, you will get a different end result.

Small size makes about 2.4 litres of Chalky Flat Finish.

OR .5L for a Sea Swept/Crackled look.

Large size makes 11.8 litres of Chalky Flat Finish

OR about 3.8 litres for a Sea Swept/Crackled look.

The small pack was enough to paint a chalky flat finish on the huge 2.1M wardrobe you see below!

Fresco on wardrobe Lichen

Fresco small packet mixed with Fusion Mineral Paint to cover this wardrobe in a chalky matte finish.

Sea Swept look:

Mix 1 part Fresco to 2 parts Fusion Mineral Paint with a whisk or a paint stir stick for approximately 30 seconds.

*Lumps and chunks are expected and desired to create the textured effect. For less texture, whisk to remove all lumps for the flat matte chalky finish.

Apply mixture to your paint ready surface. Allow to set for 10-20 minutes then knock down any heavy lumps by passing your brush over them.


Fresco mixed with Fusion Mineral Paint (Limestone) then finished with Clear Glaze Mixed with Renfrew Blue.

Allow to fully dry, then continue with additional colours and layers of paint. Fresco is not required in additional layers of paint. *Stippling adds texture.

Fresco on walls & furniture

Fresco on this cupboard, the walls & hanging pots.

Complete the look by wet sanding to expose your multiple layers of paint and texture!For best results use a 220 grit sanding sponge or SandiHands sanding glove.For antiquing, use our Dark Wax, or Antiquing Glaze to enhance all the details.

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