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Fusion’s Brush Cleaner is made from naturally refined linseed oil & conditions and cleans all artist brushes including our Cling On Brushes.


Brush CLEANER by Fusion:

Brush Cleaner is made from naturally refined linseed oil, a derivative of flax seed, Fusion™Brush Cleaner safely cleans and conditions all of your artist brushes.

Use for all types of brush hair, from sable to synthetic.

other benefits of this Cleaner:

It’s great for cleaning hands, floors and work surfaces!

Use Fusion’s Brush Soap for a greener studio and well-cared for artist tools.

It is 100% natural, non-toxic and virtually odorless!

fusion brush soap

Squeeze a small portion onto your fingertip.

Directions for use:

  • Lather hands or working tools with soap and rinse with water.
brush soap fusion-1002

Lather the soap into the brush bristles.

brush soap fusion-1008

Rinses easily with water.

For use with all our Cling On and any of our other brushes.

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60ml, 150ml

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