After much anticipation, ASCP (Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint) is finally in Australia. If you’ve been following my blog or facebook posts, you’ll know that for the last couple of years I’ve been making my own DIY chalk paint to get that chalk paint antique finish on my furniture pieces.

Well, I have finally got a hold of “The REAL DEAL” and am so excited to be able to share with you about my first experience using it.

If you like, you can click on my youtube video to watch my whole experience here:

Video: Painting with ASCP for the first time!

I forgot to take a proper picture of my “before” stand, but here’s a pic I captured from my video:
I really loved working with ASCP and it sure beats mixing up the mixture via a DIY method.
For this piece I used the colour “Paris Grey”.

Here are some thoughts I had on comparing the two types of chalk paint:
DIY : Texture can be a little grainy even when mixed properly.
ASCP: Texture smooth, thick (able to be thinned if needed, eg. for using as a wash)
DIY : Have to mix yourself. Getting the right consistency can by tricky/trial and error.
ASCP: Already mixed for you, just open the can.
DIY: Colours – you can determine your own colours using base of whatever paint you like.
ASCP: Colours – comes in a wide range of colours and colour charts to help mix paints for even more.
DIY: Finish – can be slightly grainy and may need light sanding to get smooth finish.
ASCP: Finish – smooth to the touch.
DIY: Sanding – easy to sand back edges for shabby finish.
ASCP: Sanding – easy to sand back edges for shabby finish.
DIY: Waxing – good wax finish.
ASCP: Waxing – good wax finish.
I hope this helps you in determining whether to try ASCP. It is worth buying a can and enjoying the experience of using chalk paint. I’m looking forward to using some more colours, trying two tone effects and the numerous other options that Annie offers on her website.
You can also find local retailers on Annie’s website.
Here are some more pics of my finished table. For more info, my video really does go into some greater details. I have waxed this piece with Annie’s dark wax over the clear wax for a faux antique finish along the edges and in the crevices.

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