Skye’s Sideboard Inheritance

When Skye sent me a picture of her sideboard and asked me if I could give it a makeover, I took up the challenge. This antique piece of furniture was inherited and so she didn’t want to get rid of it, but knew she wanted it updated for a more modern but vintage look. So after discussing colours and the look she was after, I got stuck into it.sideboard

Prepping the Sideboard

There was a water mark on top where the varnish had been removed and other stains.water mark
The door in the pic above was jammed locked and the other door key hole was filled with dirt over time. So I had to work to get the key moving using a bit of WD40 spray and fiddling with it a bit.antique keyantique handle
And so the sanding began …sanding
As you can see, this is a BIG sideboard!!sanding

I stained the top with a darker walnut stain.staining
I actually wasn’t happy with my first application of the stain and sanded it back to start again. It was a bit patchy in places and once you start staining you need to be careful to get an even coverage. This gets tricky when you finish one section and start the next section and overlap the edge that you just did, making the stain darker in the patch where the two sections join. Grrr. Can be a gruelling process, but it was worth getting it right.staining
Here are the drawers, slightly sanded and ready for painting. sanding

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – Kitchen Scale

Skye liked the look of Milk Paint and the effect of the chippy-ness and decided to go with Miss Mustard Seeds “Kitchen Scale” colour milk paint.
Here it is going down on the first coat. Milk paint can vary in the way that it adheres to certain surfaces. Usually the more shiny surfaces result in a more chippy effect as the paint tends to peel and flake away more naturally on these surfaces. Because this piece was glossy, I didn’t want to risk a LOT of chipping and flaking and I wanted more control over the paint. SO … I used a little bit of MMS Bonding Agent and also sanded the surface lightly to be sure I’d get good adhesion.
Another reason why I didn’t want it to chip too much is because I had used a darker stain on the top of this piece which would not then match the orangey wood if too much showed through when it chipped.Kitchen scale

After ONE COAT of MMS Milk Paint, Kitchen Scale:Kitchen scale


kitchen scale
I had sanded back the wearing areas on these drawers below and at this stage I had waxed the one on the right, to show you a comparison. The one on the left had not been waxed.
MMS Furniture Wax gives a smooth, buffed protective finish, and as it goes on, deepens the colour slightly, and also deepens the wood colour coming scale waxed

Oiling options

Leaving the inside of the cupboard and the drawers in their natural wood state, I used a Scandinavian Oil to rub in for a lovely natural finish. On the drawer below you can see the difference it makes, where I started the oil on the left. If I were doing this again, I could also use Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil, which gives an equally beautiful finish on natural wood.Scandinavian oil drawersAgain, this drawer compares the left side (oiled) and the right side (not oiled). scandinavian oil drawerBefore re-installing all the hardware on the sideboard, I gave it a good clean with a baking soda/white vinegar combo, using a toothbrush to scrub as best I could.hardward for sideboard


Next I worked on the top again. Remember I had only stained the top surface, not varnished it with anything. One of my favourite finishes for wood is Minwax Wipe-on Poly (available at Bunnings in Australia). I used about 3 coats, drying for the recommended time in between.MInwax wipe on polyAnd after sanding back the edges and wearing parts for a vintage aged shabby look, I waxed all over with MMS Furniture Wax, returned the handles and voila! All done!

Kitchen Scale sideboard
kitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboardkitchen scale sideboard

Skye was so excited when we dropped it off to her house and very happy with the makeover results.(Can you believe they unpacked a whole house and she only has a week to go before baby is due!?) kitchen scale sideboardNow Skye is looking for the perfect big mirror to go with her “new look” sideboard!kitchen scale sideboard

Here’s a three minute video tutorial of this makeover:

For more tutorials and makeovers using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, check out my youtube channel. I have a playlist dedicated to using MMSMP.