Things are expanding here at I Restore Stuff and over the last few months since introducing the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint range, I’ve been excited about the wonderful road ahead and all the possibilities in store.

As I noticed things getting busier, I knew I’d need to call on some extra help. Well, one conversation led to another and my wonderful Mum is now working with me a few hours a week.

Mum working on couch cover

She is a whizz at sewing and crafty things – she was my first sewing teacher – so she’s been helping me whip up cushions … like she did with this tea towel … “Before” …Tea towel cushion 1

“After” …Tea towel cushion 2

She’s also helping with the bookkeeping side of things, booking workshops and keeping me organised. I took her to a market for the first time today. You should have seen us cram all my stuff into my car! I usually take my husband’s work van, but he was out of town, so we packed our station wagon like a sardine can and my mum was wearing a big plastic bag of cushions on her lap like her air bag had deployed or something. We had a good laugh.

Here she is looking like she’s all business and working hard, but I think she was chatting to her sister on the phone – Ha,ha.


And then there was the really important stuff like bringing a thermos to make us a cuppa after we were all set up! See how she co-ordinated her pink shirt to match the mugs? She’s a gem … thinks of everything!photo2

Mum is such an encouragement to me and to each of my siblings. She’s our number one cheerleader and fan when it comes to our achievements, business ventures or whatever our calling in life. I am so thankful she is in my life and grateful that I get to spend time with her. The older we get, the more these times are counted precious.

I love you, Mum, and no blog post could express ALL that you mean to me and to our family.

Happy Mother’s Day!! XXX OOO

Just a reminder if you missed my last post about a Miss Mustard Seed Makeover Giveaway, you still have a few days to get your entries in. CLICK HERE to see the details.