I feel like a total noob (as my teens would say) to admit to you that I actually had to Google “Hamptons Style” to see exactly what that meant. That was part of the brief my client gave me for restoring this huge rustic and sturdy table. He wanted a Hampton style, wood top and white distressed bottom and so I learned something new via Google about the beautiful Hamptons, NY, and the coastal elegance of their luxurious homes.

Here’s the “before” of the table. This beauty is heavy!Simon table 01It had been losing its varnish on the top, so this needed to be stripped and sanded back to wood, ready for a darker stain.

Simon table 01 1

This cute cutlery drawer handle, was unable to be removed, so I had to paint around it.Simon table 01 2Check out the timber plugs/pegs holding this all together!Simon table 01 3The new orbital sander got a good workout … and so did my upper arms!Simon table 01 7I started with a course grit sandpaper (80) and then went over with a finer grade (120) for a smoother finish. I could have gone finer still, but the surface was smooth enough for this purpose. The timber has a beautiful rustic character, uneven surface and natural historic appeal.Simon table 01 8Staining can be tricky. You have to make sure you cover every grain and when the surface of the table is rough and uneven like this one, you have to keep your eyes open for little flecks that you may have missed.Simon table 01 12I used a walnut stain by Feast Watson. A nice rich dark timber colour.Simon table 01 13Simon table 01 15You can see the difference in the original orangey colour of the varnished table if you look at the legs in these pictures.Simon table 01 17Here’s a progress pic of painting the base of the table. I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the colour Linen, a lovely antique white. Yes, I can see the drip coming down the back of the leg there … don’t worry I got it!Simon table 01 20Looking good already. Overall, I did about 3 coats of Linen MMS Milk Paint. This pic below was taken after the first coat.Simon table 01 26Then I gave the top two coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly. I love this stuff because you can just wipe it on with a rag and don’t have to mess with brush marks, or brush mess and clean up. Just wipe on and let dry. Gets in the grain well this way. Great protective surface too.Simon table 01 27And here are the “AFTER” pics of the finished project. I really like this look. It was such a lovely table to work on.Hamptons style tabletable finished 2hamptons style tabletable finished 4table finished 5table finished 6table finished 7table finished 8table finished 9table finished 10table finished 13table finished 14table finished 15table finished 16table finished 17So just to re-cap:


Simon table 01And After:

Hamptons style table