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Embossing paste is such a fun product to use and this is only one of the many ways to use it – using stencils to create a raised, or embossed, surface on your furniture project.

Corner Trim Stencil

Part of a Corner Trim stencil used on this drawer with Fusion’s Smooth Embossing Paste mixed with colour Soap Stone & Casement.

Embossed drawer stencil Sterling & Ash-1789

A drawer stencil was used on these drawers with Smooth Embossing Paste mixed with Sterling colour Fusion Mineral Paint.

Embossed drawer stencil Sterling & Ash-1793

smooth embossing paste pearl

Beautiful Drawers

I have posted about this beautiful arabesque chest of drawers, which you can read about HERE. But in my latest video (down further in this post), I’ll show you how these drawers started out, and how I achieved this raised stencil with the embossing paste.

tall boy arabesque-3061 using embossing paste

I used the Drawer One stencil BEFORE painting the drawers in MMSMPArabesque and detailing with White Wax.

tall boy arabesque-3042

Drawer set in MMSMP Arabesque with white wax. 

Artisan Emboss

Artisan Paint Company also has a great texture medium, Emboss, which is great for creating 3D stenciling, textured, aged pots, etc.

Artisan Emboss paste

Artisan Emboss stencil embossing pasteArtisan Emboss 400ml Texture Paste

Here’s the Embossing Paste Tutorial Video:

Without further ado, here’s my tutorial for you on how to create a raised stencil look using in two different ways. Enjoy! (You can subscribe to my youtube channel via Youtube here: Subscribe or subscribe to my blog to receive new tutorials and posts straight to your inbox.)

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