03What About you?

Who or what blogs or podcasts do you follow or glean from for inspiration for your own DIY or blogging ventures? Here are my top 5 at the moment:

1. Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog

If you’ve been following my blog or Social media pages for a while, you will know that Marian Parsons – aka Miss Mustard Seed – is one of my all time inspirations in many ways. I love Marian’s style for interior decorating; I love her photography and the amazing tips she gives for taking great pics and styling your furniture; I love her Milk Paint range and was one of the first in Australia to try it out after ordering some through my sis-in-law in the USA! I love it so much that I stock it in our online store, along with all her finishing products. I love Marian’s passion for teaching people, for restoring furniture and her ethics in business as an “accidental entrepreneur”. Here’s where you can find her blog: http://missmustardseed.com/

Photo: Miss Mustard Seed

2. ProBlogger Podcast and Blog

I first came across Darren Rowse & his blog, ProBlogger while attending a CMA Connect conference several years ago. Darren was a guest speaker, and I was at the conference helping out my husband who was in charge of the audio/video production for the event. Darren was planning his ProBlogger event at the same venue that same year, and as yet, didn’t have an audio/video guy to take care of production, so the event organizer introduced Darren to my husband, Marty and his business, M3 Media has been a part of ProBlogger’s annual event ever since. I took in everything Darren said at the CMA conference that year, and having just begun the blogging journey, as a “fun thing to do”, I realized there could be a whole lot more to this “blogging” thing! Needless to say, I tagged along as Marty’s “assistant” to the ProBlogger conference that year, and gleaned as much as I could from as many sessions as I could, at the same time as editing audio tracks for him (YES! I wear many hats apart from painting furniture). Now, I tune in to Darren’s ProBlogger Podcast on my way to work or to pick up the kids from school. If you’re looking for info about creating a blog, or any aspect of blogging, this site is jam packed with SO MUCH FREE INFO. No kidding! Here’s the link: ProBlogger PodcastScreen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.07.12 PM

3. iBethel TV/Podcast

Another thing I’m passionate about is my relationship with God. Yes, I’m a Christian, and so for me, daily meditation in the bible is a great thing for putting focus on your day, gaining proper perspective of your life and relationships with others. I love what Bethel church in Redding, CA, USA has to offer on their TV podcasts, and I love listening to their music as a form of meditation and inspiration for my life. I have actually downloaded the iBethel app on my phone, and can easily click on either a TV or podcast link to listen to a recent message, or an inspirational life story from someone. Check it out: itunes iBethel app Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.08.14 PM

4. The Graphics Fairy

Another page I find myself visiting often (maybe not every week, but many times over the years) is Karen’s amazing collection of vintage graphics on her blog, The Graphics Fairy. All her images are scanned originals – so old they are no longer under copyright restrictions, and are so good for any number of DIY craft projects. I’ve used so many of these wonderful images on my furniture and decor over the years. Here’s the link: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/ transfer to chest box-0722

5. The Painted Hive – Blog

I just LOVE hopping over to The Painted Hive, where fellow Aussie blogger, Kristine, has the most adorably photographed posts about all things DIY, interior design, and the most affordable ideas and inspiration for the home. Her blog features loads of tutorials, as well as free printables. You’ll want to check it out: http://thepaintedhive.net/
Photo via: the Painted Hive

Photo via: the Painted Hive

There you have it! 5 blogs or podcasts I tune into weekly and there are probably more I could add to this list, but I’d love to hear what you tune into? UPDATED: I just have to include this podcast, as I have just recently discovered Jennifer Allwood – and I can SO relate to just about each and every podcast I tune in to! The Jennifer Allwood Show: How to Create a Beautiful Home and Build a Creative Business – Jennifer Allwood: Creative Business Coach, DIY Blogger, Painter, Home Decorator, Designer

What blogs/podcasts/videos do you head to for inspiration? Leave your comments below …

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