Fresco copper oxydized

FRESCO play day!

I was giving a fellow furniture painting friend a Fusion Fresco demo and asked her to bring something along for us to “play” with. What I didn’t know, was that we were about to discover a super easy way to create a faux oxydized copper look that blew us away with its awesomeness!

I forgot to take a “before” photo, but you can see the blue paint on this terracotta wall hanging planter on the ends here. That was the finish on this prior to adding a Fresco layer.
Wall planter

You’ll find more tips on how to mix Fresco here. But basically, you’ll add one part Fresco to two parts paint and mix to form a cottage cheese style lumpy paint.

Here’s how our “Play” started:

I mixed Fresco powder with Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Ash in a ratio of 1 part Fresco to 2 parts paint and combined till it formed a lumpy paste (as above). We painted it all over the pot, stippling in areas, and allowing the lumpy portions to form texture all over the pot. Mixed with the Ash grey it looks a bit like wet concrete at this stage!

Fresco & Ashfresco-ash-with-azure-56

We then grabbed one of the new Penney & Co. collection colours – Azure…


My friend, Libby began dry brushing it all over her pot, allowing the dark grey to still peek through. It was here that Libby began teaching ME – I learnt a lot about the artistic technique of creating shadow and light, from my arty friend and you’ll see what I mean when you see her final masterpiece!Fresco with Ash and AzureCan’t you tell she’s having fun with this??!!Libby painting with Fresco

Let’s just pause right here and drool over this texture for a moment …


Then we mixed up a little metallic paint with clear wax. Libby used a bit of Fusion’s copper and some pale gold.

metallic with wax

The results were simply stunning! fresco-ash-with-azure-74 oxydized patinafresco-ash-with-azure-72 fresco-ash-with-azure-69fresco-ash-with-azure-75

Here’s my signboard that I demonstrated Fresco on, while Libby worked on her wall planter:

fresco-ash-with-azure-58 With my sign, I used a base of plain white paint, then added the Fresco/Ash mix but leaving random white areas untouched, creating more depth and layering.fresco-ash-with-azure-59 Don’t you just LOVE that Fresco crackley texture??fresco-ash-with-azure-68 Bed & Breakfast

What about you? Are you ready to try Fresco on something?

What would you use it on?

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