We’re going WHERE? The surprise of all surprises!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on my blog and I have the BEST excuse in the world, just wait and see.

When Marty & I knew our 25th Wedding anniversary was coming up in November this year,  we chatted about where and how we might want to celebrate such a great milestone. I must’ve hinted at cruises for about a year before, but was truly happy going anywhere together. Just getting away from work/business, and having a break together was going to be amazing no matter where we ended up.

But then … a couple of months out, Marty started acting sneaky and told me to book off a certain 2 week period in my calendar and not to ask any questions … Hmmm. Okay then. So I TRIED so hard not to snoop and be a sticky beak, but I sure was just the slightest bit curious.

All right then, I was a great BIG bit curious, and began to suss out the kids a little bit and even brain-stormed with friends of ideas where we may be going. Would you believe, my kids (age range 14-21) knew all the details, but did not let on ANYTHING!

My ideas?

My ideas running around in my head were:

  • a cruise off the coast of NSW/QLD, or maybe some islands;
  • a trip to Melbourne to see our 2nd son, who lives there now;
  • a trip to Tasmania or New Zealand, perhaps?!

I was not prepared for the surprise ahead, and the best way to give you a taste of the surprise factor and how I reacted, is to give you a behind the scenes look at how it unfolded …


I know, right?! So over the next few weeks I hope to show you some of what we saw and some of the places we went – MANY of them furniture and antique related. There was SO much I loved about these beautiful places.

But amidst those posts, I am back into the swing of things here at home after our whirlwind trip – we’ve even had a graduation in the family in the last week, also.

So I’ll be looking forward to sharing more painting tutorials and tips and sharing new products with you. OH, I also have something special I’ve been working on behind the scenes for Christmas that I can’t wait to show you!

Who’s decorating for Christmas already?? Are you a December 1st person, or do you sneak in a little decorating in November?

Would love you to add a comment below!


PS. In other exciting news for our Aussie customers, we have just added the new S50 Cling On! Brushes to our products here available for Australia wide shipping! Limited supply currently but more on order, so get your Christmas wish list in! (more about the new S50 at this link)