Black Farmhouse Table
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Here’s How I Painted & Stained one!

I’ve been loving the black farmhouse table look for a little while – the mix of rustic wood and black or charcoal creates a cozy feel for the dining room. I’ve seen this combination of black and wood in several of Chip & Joanna’s Fixer Upper homes over the years, like the “big country house” seen below.

Magnolia Homes Black farmhouse table dining setting.

I found this old weathered farmhouse table on Facebook marketplace earlier this year and thought it would be perfect for a black farmhouse table makeover.

I scrubbed and sanded the table. The top was a little warped and was already split in one section.

Marty helped me to remove the entire top to repair it.

Repairs to the Old Farmhouse Table

Let’s just say there was a whole LOT of glueing and clamping and nailing going on … AND the ratchet straps. You’ll have to see my Instagram story highlights for more details. LOL.

That left the base of the table free for me to paint. I used Fusion’s Coal Black on the base which only needed a clean, no sanding necessary as it was weathered and porous enough to hold the paint well.

Painting the Base

Black Farmhouse Table
Base painted in Fusion’s Coal Black

Staining the Top of the Black Farmhouse Table

There were so many putty holes and fill spots that I decided the best stain colour to use for this table was going to be Ebony – Fusion’s Stain & Finishing Oil in their black colour.

The SFO Ebony covered really well and I loved the grain of the wood, but I wanted to show off that grain even more …

Video Tutorial:

So here’s where I’ll show you some video of the process with some helpful tips for you if you are staining using the all in one SFO.

In this video I’ll show firstly, the staining process I used, but then after it has dried for a day, how I sanded it back along the grain to reveal more timber with the Ebony stain still sitting in the grooves of the timber.

The Finished Look:

Black Farmhouse Table
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