Two Stools Number Stencil Makeover

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This is the photo (below) where I realised I should have taken a “Before photo” to show you what they looked like. Anyhow … this is Celia helping me by painting the bases of the two ordinary pine stools in Fusion’s Coal Black.

Coal Black on base of two stools.

And here they are with the seats on top all sanded back to raw wood, so that I could work on them for a Facebook Live I did for Essential Stencil as one of their ambassadors.

2 stools ready for stencilling the tops.

I used the Number Stencil set from Essential Stencil which comes with all the numbers ranging from zero through to nine, so that you can make any large numbers you like.

Number stencil from Essential Stencil

video tutorial on number stencils

In the following video tutorial, I show you how I stencil the numbers onto the surface and then how I stained the timber AFTER I stencilled the numbers on. The video is a replay of a live tutorial I did for Essential Stencil’s Facebook page, so you will also get to hear my answers to some of the viewer questions that were asked during the live.

I love how they turned out, transforming these old varnished stools into a more modern industrial farmhouse style.

As you’ll see in the video above, I used Fusion’s Stain & Finishing Oil on top of the stencilled seats. The ratio used for this colour was 1:1 of Cappuccino & Natural (ie. 1 part Cappuccino mixed with 1 part Natural)

Number stencil by Essential Stencil

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Bonus Essential Stencil Number DIY project:

Here’s a bonus Essential Stencil number stencil DIY project for you. These are some easy photo props I made using the Number Stencils here: