The Navage Patch Blog Table Caddy

When I saw this large table caddy on The Navage Patch blog, I thought it might be a fun project for my father-in-law, who as you may have seen in some of my other posts, is a handy, woodworking kinda guy! So I showed him the plans I’d printed out from their blog (download your free plans HERE) and the next thing I know, he’s back the following day with this:

In this post, I’m going to show you how I stained it using the same kind of technique that was used in the blog post I mentioned. However, without those same brands of stain on hand, I decided to use what I DID have on hand – Fusion’s all-in-one Stain & Finishing Oils in all the various shades.

But first, let me tell you what great value you will find over at The Navage Patch! This talented couple, Handan & Greg, share some amazing DIY home projects and have such valuable content that they literally GIVE away for free to their valued subscribers. Although, I know they would never say no to a coffee donation. 🙂

They have some beautiful Farmhouse style printables that I’ve used around my house, like this Patent art Christmas tree that I posted on Instagram last Christmas …

Instagram Christmas Tree patent art pic

And this Windmill patent art I framed here:

Windmill patent art from The Navage Patch blog

Table Caddy – my staining method

Back to the Table Caddy … as I said, I like to use what I have on hand, which in this case, was all the colours in the Stain & Finishing Oil range by Fusion Mineral Paint. So to make my Caddy similar to the one shown in the Navage Patch blog post, I used the following SFO colours:

  • Golden Pine Stain & Finishing Oil
  • Driftwood Stain & Finishing Oil
  • Cappuccino Stain & Finishing Oil

Here’s the raw pine below, which is what I started with …

Step One – Golden Pine

Then I added Golden Pine as a base colour stain to start our layered look. Below you’ll see the Golden Pine featured on the RIGHT. On the left is a smaller version of a different style caddy featuring Cappuccino. Just showing you a side by side so you can see the difference.

Step Two – Driftwood Dry Brush

Here’s a short video below, that I took during the process of layering staining. After the Golden Pine layer of SFO had dried (I left overnight), I used a “dry brush” technique to add Driftwood SFO randomly over the surface to create a darker gray wash effect.

Dry Brushing – I dip the ends of the bristles into the Driftwood SFO, wipe off the excess on edge of can, then using a piece of cardboard or newspaper (several layers), brush off even more excess SFO so that your brush is relatively “dry”. Then using a dragging motion, brush the stain across the surface in a patchy fashion – you are not creating another layer of stain, just creating a bit of extra aged colouration. If you find there’s not enough on your brush, just add a bit more and don’t brush off as much.

table caddy
Here’s the Table Caddy with the Driftwood added as a dry brush over Golden Pine.

Step Three – Cappuccino in the corners

Adding SFO Cappuccino in corners

Using an old narrow brush, dipped in the Cappuccino SFO (Stain & Finishing Oil), I added “grunge” to the corners just as they did in the Navage Patch blog post, using their chosen stain colours.

Then using a cloth, I removed the excess from the corners blending it outward and along the inside edges.

removing SFO with a rag
SFO Cappuccino in the corners blended
Blended nicely – my faux “grunge” sits in the corners and inside edges.

Step four – a little sanding & we’re finished!

In their blog post, Handan & Greg distressed the edges all around the table caddy, so I did this too, and I love the way it turned out! It creates a really nice worn patina on the edges. You’ll see it in some of the close up pics below.

Finished table caddy
All finished and ready to make our table pretty.
table caddy finished
table caddy with greenery
You can see some of the distressed, sanded edge here.
Table caddy handle

I hope you’ll go and check out The Navage Patch and send Handan & Greg some love, and explore their amazing site!