How to Create a Sea Swept Finish with Salt Impasto

Artisan Salt Impasto is a powder that can be mixed with any water based paint to form a paste. When applied to furniture or other decor surfaces, it creates a textured finish similar to the sea sprayed salt washed up items that you might find along the shoreline of a beach.

Supplies used for this project:

  • Artisan Salt Impasto (if in USA, find similar product HERE)
  • Artisan Natural Chalk Finish – Creme Brulee
  • Tin decor jug/vase
  • Paint brush (not your “best” brush)
  • Charcoal Black Glaze (optional)
  • Mocha wash (optional)
Salt Impasto mixed with Chalk Paint

As I mentioned, Salt Impasto can be mixed with any water-based paint for this effect, but in this example, I used Artisan’s Natural Chalk Finish in the colour Creme Brulee.

I mixed according to the Salt Impasto instructions on the container, adding 1 part Impasto to 2 parts paint. Mix to a cottage cheese consistency. I found that my mixture was way too thick and so I added more paint (you’ll see in the video).

I then spread and stippled the mixture over the surface, creating lots of texture. 

Once dry, I decided to add some Charcoal Black Glaze to get into the valleys and crevices. Apply the glaze, then wipe back off the high points. 

Lastly, I added a wash of Mocha (Artisan Chalk finish) but you could use full strength, I just had the wash on hand. (50/50 paint/water ratio)

Salt impasto on a tin decor vase
Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial of the process I used to create this salty, textured finish. You’ll see what this decor jug looked like before I painted it in the first few seconds.

After watching the tutorial, let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

I hope you enjoy using this texture medium as much as I did. If you’re in Australia, you can find Salt Impasto right here on my website.

Salt impasto on metal jug
Salt Impasto on metal jug with wooden house sample board
Artisan Salt Impasto
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