“Lost at Sea” – a New Colour Collection from Fusion Mineral Paint


“Lost at Sea” is the inspirational theme behind these 7 new colours from Fusion Mineral Paint in their latest release of new shades for your furniture painting pleasure.

These are now available here in Australia for pre-orders as of today, 18th June 2023, and for purchase in store after the 24th.

I’m excited to see what you’ll paint with these. You can follow along the pre-release inspirational posts on the Fusion Mineral Paint Facebook page for more images of furniture in these colours this week.

You’ll find links to each of the colours below (for Australian painters) to order in either 500ml or 37ml.

Can’t wait till the end of this post? Head to my “NEW ARRIVALS” page now to see them all.

But let’s take a look at the new colours via Fusion’s release video below:

Cast Iron

Sturdy and bold, Cast Iron is a true off-black. This shade leans into its strong warm undertones and is as timeless and enduring as its namesake.

Pairs well with:

  • Cashmere for a bold contrast 
  • Coal Black for a sophisticated tonal look 

Purchase Cast Iron in Australia HERE

Cast Iron fusion paint
Cambridge Fusion paint

A deep and elegantly weathered blue. This shade boasts grey but leads with blue, leaving you with a confident and classic shade.

Pairs well with:

  • Chateau for a classic feel
  • Coal Black for a traditional look

Purchase Cambridge in Australia HERE.


Inspired by the timeless quality of its namesake, Parchment is an off-white that is effortlessly multi-tone. An alluring but subtle mix that leads with its green undertones.

Pair With: 

  • Ash for an unexpected contrast
  • Eucalyptus for a feeling of tranquillity

Purchase Parchment in Australia HERE.


parchment fusion paint
wood wick fusion paint
Wood Wick

Inspired by candle-lit evenings, Wood Wick is a cozy, mid-tone brown. This shade pulls its tone from opposite ends and meets confidently in the middle. 

Pair With: 

  • Raw Silk for a warm complement 
  • Algonquin for a rich palette 

Purchase Wood Wick in Australia HERE.


Bold and enchanting, this shade is perfectly balanced in green, black and subtle bronze undertones for a confident, everlasting look.

Pair With: 

  • Cast Iron for a contemporary twist
  • Manor Green for a striking look 

Purchase Wellington in Australia HERE.


wellington fusion paint
carriage house fusion paint
Carriage House

A mid-tone shade that is effortlessly balanced with a punchy green and serene grey for a charming but grounding look.

Pair With: 

  • Cobblestone for a traditional look 
  • Parchment for a stunning earthy vibe

Purchase Carriage House in Australia HERE.


Soft and earthy, this mid-tone green is perfectly balanced. Rounded out in both green and grey, Newell is an eternal sage.

Pair With: 

  • Chateau for a serene and tranquil feel
  • Ash for a confident statement

Purchase Newell in Australia HERE.


Newell fusion paint