Introducing FRESCO – the Perfect Rustic Textured Look AND my Hometalk News!

This post is kinda BIG in a way – as in, BIG NEWS kind of way!

We’ve just launched a super new product AND I have some fun news about America’s biggest DIY Network – HOMETALK. Eek!

But more about that later …

[Edit: I’ve added the Hometalk Live video demo at the end of this post]

Introducing FRESCO

I love new things to play with, especially of the furniture painting variety, so when Fusion Mineral Paint introduced their new texturising medium, Fresco,  I couldn’t wait to try it out.Fresco on plant stands

(I am a retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint in Australia, and have added Fresco to our online store. You’ll find it under the Textures in Fusion Mineral Paint product tab.)
Featured on Hometalk.com

Fresco Look at the yummy texture and crackle here that just screams “perfect aged patina”!Fusion Fresco

Enter the “Speaker Stands” …

I decided to have a play with the Fresco on these old wooden stands that my husband originally made for his studio speakers (he’s a video/audio engineer). They had been replaced for a while now and sitting in my “pile” for a greater purpose!

Plant Stands Fresco-5194

Spring Trends Now In Store At Pillow Talk!

And that greater purpose will be some plant stands. So I bought these pots to go with the plant stands, and we’ll make them look funky too!Plant Stands Fresco-5199

Prep is good, no matter what the surface.

They’re ordinary plastic pots, so before I painted them, I wanted to scratch up the surface to give the paint more grip. I used my SandiHands Sanding glove to do this.Plant Stands Fresco-5200

Sanded pot

Sanded pot surface, ready for painting.

Mixing Fresco with Fusion Mineral Paint

Mix 1 part Fresco to 2 parts Fusion Mineral Paint.

Plant Stands Fresco-5208 Mix with a wire mini whisk or a stirring stick.Plant Stands Fresco-5209 Don’t mix thoroughly as the lumps are all part of the textured look and are desirable.Plant Stands Fresco-5210I used one of the Fusion 2″ Brushes, but you can use any brush. I prefer to use one that is not “precious” for this technique.Fresco with Fusion Mineral Paint


As the paint dries, the Fresco shows it’s beautiful texture “magic”!

Stippling & Texturing

Apply the Fresco & Paint mixture to your project using the brush in a stippling, textured effect. You can brush in different directions for added textural interest:Plant Stands Fresco-5214

Plant Stands Fresco-5223

Plastic pot painted in Fresco/Fusion Mineral Paint mix

I then mixed up some Fresco with Fusion Mineral Paint colour, Limestone.

Note the Note:

Note: you do not need to mix Fresco in with more than the first layer of the paint. I decided to, simply because I didn’t feel the gray I mixed had enough texture for what I was wanting. The reason being, I may have over mixed the Fresco/paint mix. This time, I left more lumps.

Plant Stands Fresco-5231 I glopped this new Fresco mix onto the surfaces of both the pots and the stands. Plant Stands Fresco-5235And painted it on with a stippling motion.Fresco

Plant stands 2-5433 When the paint/Fresco mix has dried slightly, but still moveable, I dragged a clean paint brush over the high points, knocking them down a bit and creating more texture with the dragging motion.Plant stands 2-5438

Want some more Crackle?

I used a hairdryer to help create some lovely crackle to add to the effect!Plant stands 2-5434 Plant stands 2-5437

Just add Paint!

For the final step in transforming my pots from plain boring plastic faux terra cotta, I used Fusion’s colour Upper Canada Green to paint straight over the top of the Fresco layers. No Fresco was added in this layer.
Plant stands 2-5455For the final layer of Fusion paint on the Speaker/Plant stands, I used the colour Pebble from the Penney & Co designer collection of Fusion Mineral paint. It’s the perfect greige – a soft gray with undertones of tan.Fresco layeringUsing a wet sanding method and my SandiHands Sanding glove, I wet sanded both the pot surfaces and the stand.Plant stands 2-5467Here’s the result, a lovely aged, sea-swept look showing layers of the Old World it has lived through.FrescoSanding the plant stands had a similar effect, whisking away the top layer of Pebble colour in the high points, revealing the white raised Fresco areas and the darker gray in areas where I sanded more heavily.FrescoPlant stands 2-5474You can see below, on the corner of the stand, the left has not been sanded, the right side has.Plant stands 2-5479

plant stands-5505plant stands-5506plant stands-5507plant stands-5508plant stands-5509plant stands-5510plant stands-5511plant stands-5512
Oh … and my Hometalk news?

I’m super excited that I have been asked to join Hometalk on their Facebook Live segment sharing this very project and how I completed it, including a demo on that missing speaker stand that you don’t see in any of these final pics. I’m saving that stand for the Hometalk Facebook Live, so I hope you’ll join me.

We’re scheduled to shoot the live segment on September 15th 7pm EST (for my USA/Canadian friends), which will be September 16th at 9am AEST (for my Aussie friends). See you there – you’ll be able to join the live comment feed, so bring your questions if you have any!

Edit: Here’s the video demo as seen LIVE on Hometalk’s Facebook page:

We are authorised retailers for Fusion Mineral Paint and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Australia. This blog post may contain affiliate links.

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    September 12, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Great news, well done!

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    September 13, 2016 at 2:27 am

    Now that is an improvement. This is the first “distressed” or aged project that I’ve seen that I really like! Great job!

    • Reply
      September 13, 2016 at 5:02 pm

      Thanks Marilyn. What a lovely compliment!

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    Carolyn Noyer
    October 6, 2016 at 3:15 am

    Absolutely beautiful

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