Melbourne Trip Part 2 – Bathing Boxes & Antique Store!

Melbourne Trip Highlights – Part 2

You can catch Part 1 of our Melbourne trip highlights including the reason for our trip, over HERE.

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

After a trip up Mount Dandenong (where our Queensland body temperatures could barely handle the chill) we took a drive to Brighton Beach to take touristy pictures of the colourful bathing boxes.Brighton Bathing boxes on our Melbourne trip

As you can see by the tall shadows it was nearing dusk, and the sky was looking ominous. Melbourne has a reputation for the weather being unpredictable, but our stay there was without much rain at all while we were out and about, which was so lovely.We all took turns to pick a house to stand in front of for couple photos, so we decided to pick this little “fixer upper” – haha. So much painted beauty scattering the shoreline looked so colourful – I wanted to take them all home with me!
Brighton bathing boxes on our Melbourne tripI couldn’t pick just one …  I mean will you look at this beautifully finished grey wood timber!! Okay, now I’m looking like a weirdo, caressing the beautiful finish, like I’m patting my pet dog or something …But not as weird as this hilarious pic, Marty took of us all pretending to take selfies or pics at the same time! Haha. Love my crazy family!

The most organized Antique Store … Ever!

Moving on to our last morning of our Melbourne trip, and we all decided to do our own thing after pretty much moving as a group of 12 all weekend, so a few of us walked and took a short tram ride to find an antique/collectibles store. We came across what I’d call, the most organized collection of antique/vintage goods that I have ever seen – The Junk Company. I LOVED it!

Everything was so beautifully curated into groups of similar items, whether it was wooden crates …Colour co-ordinated books …Suitcases and hat boxes … Wedgewood, bone-handled cutlery and tea sets … Melbourne antique storeScales,  Vintage pots, Melbourne antique store  and sports gear …Melbourne antique store Melbourne antique store Melbourne antique store Melbourne antique store And then there is the whole upstairs section at The Junk Company, where all the larger furniture items are …
That’s a vintage kangaroo skin there on the right: I know, mesmerizing isn’t it? What would YOU want to take home with you? Pausing for a brief social media post or two about how awesome this place is …My beautiful mum, resting her legs while we walked the top floor. Even dad enjoyed looking at things he remembered from his childhood, pointing out items of interest and telling us a story or two about when he was a kid: The standard regal photo of me posing on the Victorian chair with a grand painting in the background. Ha!

Last, but not least …

If awards were being given out, lets just say my brother in law wins the prize for best sport, as he obliged Marty’s photo request to “just step a little to the left a bit, mate. Yeah, that’s perfect.” Nice look, Mr. P.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our little excursion to the city of Melbourne. Maybe you can hit some of these spots if you ever get to visit.

Did you find anything in the antique store photos that caught your eye? I’d love you to comment your favourite collection or item.

New Stencils:

Just a quick mention of a couple of new things coming to I Restore Stuff for my Aussie customers.

I have just added a brand new stencil to our online store (for special order). The talented Donna Williams from Funky Junk Interiors and Old Sign Stencils has come up with these beauties.

Buffalo Check stencil! I know, right?! Amazing or what? (Fringe section not available here)

AND … Plaid Shirt stencil: But wait, there’s more … put them both together and you get this:plaid shirt stencil

This will totally rock your socks! Available HERE.

PINK Fusion Mineral Paint is coming:

In other news … Fusion Mineral Paint has announced a new colour coming to the Penney & Co collection of colours in the Fall season in the USA/Canada. This means it shouldn’t be too long after that that we will see it hit our Aussie shores. So stay tuned for that announcement, because I KNOW there are many of you who have been asking for a pretty pink just like this.

Here’s Jennylyn (President of Fusion) and Michael Penney (Penney & Co) sharing the colour reveal:

English Rose Fusion Mineral Paint

English Rose – Fusion Mineral Paint

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    Tracey Bradshaw
    July 25, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Be still my heart. It would be so hard to walk out of there empty handed. Major eye candy. It’s a toss up between the books and the mixing bowls for me – though I do have a pretty good collection of antique/vintage books of my own (and orders not to add to it) ?
    What a wonderful trip Sharon – the last time I was together with all of my siblings was for the wedding of one of my sisters in Fiji last year. I’d love to do an all adults trip one day but it’s so hard to coordinate. You are all so blessed to have your mum and dad with you.

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