My First MMS Milk Paint Project – Tricycle Red Cabinet

Okay, so I’m not a weekly blogger … but I get something out when I get something done around here.

As a busy mother of four, I work about three part time jobs, so furniture restoration is a hobby I LOVE to get to on my “in between jobs” times!
A few weeks ago I attempted my very first Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint project.
I had so much fun mixing and painting and was so excited to even have the paint as it is not yet available in Australia. But thanks to my lovely sister who happened to visit my sister-in-law while travelling in the USA, she brought back a small supply to keep me going for a while!
Here are some before and after pics of the cabinet I used to experiment on. I picked it up so cheap at a garage sale. While doing this project, my husband helped me to film it, so I look forward to bringing you a tutorial/unboxing type video to my youtube channel in the near future.


Note these wonky handles. I had to replace them, but had forgotten to fill in the holes before painting, so had to find handles that would work to fit the holes or cover the holes. Thankfully, my measuring skills worked and I ordered some from ebay that actually fit perfectly!


Here is the finished Tricyle Red MMS painted cabinet. After some interesting mixing time and getting the consistency just right, I think I had a win with some chippy goodness and some sanding back in places for an added bit of dark wood showing through.

(this pic below is before my handles arrived)

TA DA! Handles finally arrived and so I attached them and filled her with some china to display.

Note my MMS milk paint in their cute little boxes, in pride of place right on top there – LOL.I was really happy with these handles – covered the holes of the previous ones perfectly!Join me on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/irestorestuff

Here’s a video of this makeover using MMSMP for the Very first time:

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