Artisan Stain & Seal


Artisan Stain & Seal is a translucent water based all in one stain and topcoat. Dries to an eggshell finish, VOC free.


Artisan Stain & Seal is a translucent water based all in one stain and topcoat.

Formulated for use over raw timber, it can also be used over existing timber coatings for an easy refresh, or even used as a glaze over paint.

It is easy to apply with either sponge (our preferred method), brush or roller. Like all Artisan products, Stain & Seal is virtually odourless, VOC free and eco friendly. It dries to a tough, water resistant protective eggshell finish. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces including table tops and kitchen/bathroom cabinets.

tips to using Artisan Stain & Seal:

  • To ensure surface is clean and free from mould, dirt, dust, grease and wax, we recommend cleaning the surface with Artisan Easy Scrub.
  • Stir product well with a flat stirrer before use. We recommend decanting the required amount into a suitable container to work from.
  • Apply an even coat following the grain, using a sponge, lint free cloth, brush or foam roller.
  • The surface will be touch dry in 30 minutes and may be recoated after 2 hours.
  • Lightly sand between coats using 400+ grit paper to ensure a super smooth finish.
  • Depth of colour will be increased with additional coats.
  • Allow 7 days to fully cure before use.

Colours include:

  1. Provincial
  2. Driftwood
  3. Walnut
  4. Onyx
  5. Limewash
  6. Fruitwood


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Driftwood, Fruitwood, Limewash, Onyx, Provincial, Walnut


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