When my Aunt, Jenny Regeling, from French a la Beach Furnishings on the Sunshine Coast QLD, told me about a new product she had come up with and that she’d been working on it for a year, I nearly flipped out thinking – This is fantastic, why haven’t these already been invented yet?

But first, let me back up a few years to when I first started restoring furniture. My Aunty Jenny was my inspiration. I saw some of the work she was doing transforming pieces of furniture into shabby chic style pieces and was suddenly inspired to try something similar on a pair of bedside tables I had in our guest room. The rest is history – I was hooked, and I’ve been restoring and up-cycling furniture ever since.

So here’s the product you may have already seen me talk about on my Facebook page:-

Sandi Hands – The handy glove that sands.

Jenny suffers from arthritis, and had an idea to create something that would help make sanding a whole lot easier for her. The sanding glove has been so well received already by so many people, not only in the furniture restoration business, but in other industries as well – woodworkers, surfboard makers, etc.Sandi Hands blog post 2

The gloves come with an 80 grade and 120 grade sanding hand, which is placed on the velcro area of the glove. Refill packs are available, and both gloves and refill packs come in left and right handed gloves.

Sandi Hands blog post 3
Sandi Hands blog post 1

Sandi Hands blog post 7

The Sandi Hands glove is pretty easy to use, but these helpful hints (also on packaging) will make sure your gloves last a long time. The glove itself is made of cotton and very comfortable to wear. Sandi Hands blog post 8

Sandi Hands blog post 10

Once you have your glove on, place the sanding hand on your palm first, then apply each finger.

Sandi Hands blog post 11

Sandi Hands blog post 12

Sandi Hands blog post 13

So let’s get into sanding something … here’s a very old side table, needing an all over sanding. I got straight into it with the Sandi Hands glove and it felt so natural to sand back and forth on a flat surface with your hand. The other great thing was not having the piece of sand paper flying out from under your hand or losing grip on it while you’re sanding.

Sandi Hands blog post 14

I used individual fingers to sand at times, like on these parts near top of the legs. I can’t believe how good it feels to just use your fingers without having to hold a piece of sandpaper and risk wrecking your hands and nails from the scratching of sandpaper.

Sandi Hands blog post 18

One of the best things about these gloves is the ability to get around curved surfaces like these spindly legs:

Sandi Hands blog post 19

You can see here how easy the old surface comes away:

Sandi Hands blog post 20

Remove the glove first, before removing the velcro sandpaper hand from the glove with both hands. You can change between sandpaper grades easily this way.

Sandi Hands have a few different grades to choose from here.

Sandi Hands blog post 21

You’ll find more variations in Sandi Hands products in the Product section.

If you’re a retailer and interested in selling Sandi Hands in your shop, please make enquiries via the Sandi Hands website: