This is the best photo I could find of Miss 11’s muddy canvas shoes and this wasn’t as bad as they eventually ended up! Our recent trip to Toowoomba for the annual music festival, Easterfest, was loads of fun.
Ash -  Tori Canvas shoesOur whole family has been volunteering at the festival in the media/video/tv area for the last few years. This year, there was a bit of rain involved, the ground was wet, which then turned to mud!11054319_10152847991603123_5437093181816568850_oI’m talking about this kind of MUD:11130349_10152847991528123_626362353529773860_oMany were prepared with gumboots, some dared to venture out in public wearing crocs, and some of us ended up removing our shoes and embracing the “mud beauty foot treatment”.

Normally I’d have a go at scrubbing the mud off any of our shoes and seeing how they fare, before deciding to ditch them altogether. And these were looking like they were headed for land fill. I mean they weren’t name brand or anything, just a cheap pair of canvas shoes.

But then, why not take the opportunity to experiment with one of my new favourite paint products – Fusion Mineral Paint. Here’s how the shoes scrubbed up AFTER washing them! That red rich Toowoomba soil aint goin’ anywhere!Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 1A 500ml pot of Fusion Paint in the colour Ash – chosen by Miss 11, herself. It’s a lovely dark charcoal colour. We grabbed a small craft brush and away we went.Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 2Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 3We painted over the eyelets and everything, leaving the rubber sole and toe. If paint got onto the rubber, it was easily removed with a wet cloth right away.Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 4Awesome result hey? Obviously we chose a darker colour for best coverage, and this only took ONE COAT of Fusion Mineral Paint. So good. Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 5I had thought that it might take a couple of coats being canvas – a fabric, with the paint soaking into the weave, etc. but no, one coat. I’d say if you wanted to use a lighter colour, you may just have to use an extra coat or two for good coverage.Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 6And ta-da – both finished!Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 7 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 8 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 9And here she is, modelling her “new shoes” which now totally match her Easterfest 2015 Crew T-shirt and her blue canvas pants are the same blue as the little stripe around the sole of the shoe – of course!Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 14 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 10 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 13 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 15 Ash - Tori Canvas shoes 17Such a simple, quick fix to change up your tired looking canvas shoes, or any other fabric for that matter.FUSION PAINT

We sell Fusion Mineral Paint on our Product tab here on the website. There are 24 beautiful colours to choose from, plus metallics, and if you are just needing a small quantity for a project like this, we have 37ml sample size pots for $8. A sample size would easily cover a pair of shoes.

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