French Enamel Side cupboard
Below, you can see what this French Enamel Side Cupboard looked like before and after by sliding the arrows left and right: 
[twenty20 img1=”13626″ img2=”13641″ offset=”0.5″]

We sanded the top fully, back to raw timber, so that we could wax it and keep the wood look on top.

During this cupboard makeover, I went Live on my Facebook page a few times to show some of the processes I used.

Facebook Live demos:

In this first video, I show you how to mix Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – a simple process of blending the paint powder with water in equal parts:

Two coats of MMS Milk Paint in French Enamel:Painting with MMSMP

The paint on this door is a second coat that is still drying.Milk Paint dryingI’ve sanded all the areas that I wanted to distress, and the cupboard is ready for a coat of finishing wax.

Here’s my second Facebook Live where I showed sanding back to distress the edges and areas of the cupboard for an aged, weathered look:
French Enamel Milk Paint

And in our 3rd installment of Facebook live, I show you how I finished the whole piece using Homestead House Black Wax. It was the first time I’ve used the Black Wax and I LOVE the beautiful finish it gave on the top of the cupboard filling in the little grains in the wood for a lovely dark rustic, farmhouse feature.

Here are the cupboard doors side by side featuring Miss Mustard Seed’s hand brushed stencil named Susan. The left door has not been waxed yet, the right door has black wax applied.

Left: unwaxed. Right: black wax finish

Black Wax on raw pine top.

French Enamel Side cupboard

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I hope you enjoyed this makeover, and don’t forget, if you’re in Australia, the colours French Enamel & Trophy are listed at 10% off the retail price for the month of March as our MMSMP colours of the month!