How to Paint Like a Pro!

Last week I had the opportunity to go Live on one of Facebook’s fastest growing DIY Furniture Painting Groups showing everyone how to create a driftwood effect!

As the group grew in numbers, I was approached by Admins of the group to see if I’d like to assist in the group in an admin role. As such, I have had the privilege of helping others learn and grow in their furniture painting, and was excited to be able to “go Live” with a DIY demo for everyone on the group this week.

I’ve added the video of that live below for you to watch in case you missed it. And if you haven’t joined the How to Paint Like a Pro group yet, and would like to, you can do so HERE.

Creating a Driftwood Finish

Here are a couple of examples that I show you how to create during the video:

Using white wash over dark faux wood grain. 

white base, then dry brush of two different tones over top.

white dry brush over wood stained with watered paint

Here’s that Live video where all the steps are explained for the above images: