Introducing Aviary, the latest colour to arrive in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint range, a beautiful smokey blue-gray. In this post, I’m sharing a few Aviary pieces from various fellow Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Painters, so I hope you’ll hop over to their links also, and take a look at the before and after makeovers of the various furniture flips.

introducing Aviary

As an official Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint retailer here in Australia, I was given a sneak preview of this beautiful colour and was excited to try it out on a couple of smaller pieces to start with. Like this tall birdcage I had that was painted a different blue to begin with, so I just went right over the original paint in Miss Mustard Seed’s Aviary…

Aviary blog post Pinterest

I’d love you to pin this image to your Pinterest Board!

And the little antique box was looking worse for wear in its natural timber state, so a quick paint with Aviary, a little distressing with my sanding glove around the edges and a top coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax, and it was looking adorable and will make a great display piece for my shop at Camp Hill Antique Centre to showcase this new colour!

Antique box in Aviary

If you’re in Australia, you can order Aviary right here on my website. We ship Australia wide (flat rate).

Miss Mustard Seed – Introducing Aviary in her dresser reveal

Here’s Marian Parsons’ post introducing this colour on a vintage dresser over on her blog:Aviary milk paint

Jenn, from Eight Hundred Furniture loves Aviary

Another Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint blogger I love to follow is Jenn Baker from Eight Hundred Furniture. Check out the full details of these pretty pieces where Jenn is introducing Aviary, over on her blog.

Aviary drawers

Photo credit: Jennifer Baker, Eight Hundred Furniture (click image for full blog post)

See the full before and after of this baby Jacobean buffet on Jenn’s blog here.

Photo cred: Jenn Baker, Eight Hundred Furniture (click image for full post)

Michele from Knot Too Shabby

Michele painted this beautiful highboy and you will want to check out her full post here, but here’s a sneak peak featuring some adorable hardware on the Aviary backdrop – and that birdcage – so cute! (click the image below to see the full dresser)Knot Too Shabby paints with Aviary

Jackie, from A Cupboard Less Ordinary shares Aviary

Jackie wowed her Facebook fans with these beautiful images of Miss Mustard Seed’s Aviary on these furniture makeovers, which I’ll embed here so you can like her page from right here in this blog post!

Now you might be seeing some colour variations in the images I’ve shared in this post, but this is due to the fact that blue shades can be tricky to photograph to get accurate colour showing on your screen, but I hope you get a great feel for the depth of blue/grey you can see in these pieces. You’ll just have to try it for yourself to see how beautiful it really is! We do have sample sachets available in 30g packets which do cover at least a few frames, or a small side table – enough to give you a really good idea of the true colour for your future projects.

Thanks to the ladies who allowed me to share their work with you here!

Instagram Giveaway in May!

If you’re on Instagram, I hope you’re following me @irestorestuff because pretty soon you’ll need to look out for a little prize giveaway involving Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Aviary for my Aussie followers. So make sure you jump on there, watch my stories and send me a “wave”! May wanna be there by MAY … just sayin’ … (click the image below to find my Insta account)Instagram promo Aviary

Milk Paint 101 – Where do I Start?

If you’re keen to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for the first time – you may know that it comes in a powdered form. Don’t let that intimidate you or put you off – it is SUPER easy to mix! Just equal parts water to powder – that’s it.

You’ll find plenty of Milk Paint tutorials on my youtube channel, but here’s one I uploaded from a Facebook Live Milk Paint demo, showing you how to mix milk paint as both as a stain, and as a paint – so many great possibilities with this eco-friendly, natural paint. Enjoy – and be inspired to paint something this week!

(NOTE: the sound is low in the first part of the video, but is corrected soon after we started the live)

Local Workshops – a great way to learn

For those local to Brisbane, Queensland, here in Australia, I’d love you to come to one of our hands-on workshops where we take you through basics to advanced in everything to do with painting furniture to faux finishing techniques!

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An Aviary Candidate

Meanwhile, I think I’ve found a perfect little antique cupboard for this new colour. What do you think? Hmmm, maybe Aviary, and I can see some kind of industrial/farmhouse stencilling in its future…little antique cupboard