Antique Store in France? Yes please!

If you’re going to be in Paris, or anywhere in Europe really, finding a good Antique Store or two to browse through, has to be on your list (well, if you’re me, anyway). We were on our way to Chateau de Versailles, when we came across this store full of gorgeous antiques. It’s listed on Google as Au Facteur Cheval, but I don’t remember seeing that name on the building anywhere, just this beautiful old sign above the entrance!

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Somebody bring me a shipping container!

Seriously …. drooling over the amount of beautiful French pieces everywhere, but after all, we were in France, so one MUST take in all of the pretties!

Antique store France Yep, the picture below about sums up my face reactions while walking around the entire Antique Store. Antique Wardrobe in shop in Versailles

Seriously … what would you take home if you had your own shipping company?? I love this blue and white fabric on the chair in the pic below! A rattan back and seat on this beautifully ornate child’s high chair! And two antique ironing boards just sitting on top of each other, ready for me to ship back home to Australia …Antique Store Versailles

Let’s just take a look at some chairs for a moment …chair in Antique Store Versailles, France

Here’s a closer pic of the beautiful tapestry fabric blue and white chairs from earlier:Antique store, versaillesOf course, there’s a French Provincial chair in every corner of the store …antique store versailles

Antique desks …antique desk in versailles

And Bombay Chests …bombay chestAnd even more types of chests:

I loved this antique shop sign. The lettering, the shadowing, everything about it. Antique Sign in shopAntique file drawers …drawers in Antique Shop in Versailles Frames, artwork, chandeliers, and BOOKS galore!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many antique books so beautifully bound that were all for sale in one place! antique storeOf course I wanted to scoop them all up and take them all home, but I did manage to buy a few Parisian antique magazines with some beautiful advertising in them and pictures and things.Antique magazines in store, VersaillesIt started to drizzle on our walk to the train station, where we made our way back to Paris. I love that we came up the subway stairs and it was night time, and all the lights were twinkling and the city was coming alive. Don’t you think this carousel is so pretty?

Well, I hope you’ve been enjoying my trip so far, but just for a break I’ll be back with some regular DIY furniture makeovers next week, including a cute table hack I created from some plant stands I found at our local KMart!

Kmart hack