A Project from Jamie Lundstrom’s book: French Vintage Décor

To create this “antique basket” look, you may already have an old cane basket laying around the house for this project.

You know the good old 80s cane baskets?vintage basket

But first, if you haven’t already had a flick through Jamie’s gorgeous book, take a peek over here on Amazon, because you can take an “inside look” and see all of the projects listed on the CONTENTS page and a few examples of Jamie’s French Vintage decor projects!

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Jamie Lundstrom is the DIY expert behind the adorable blog – So Much Better with Age. You will LOVE her blog and her fantastically creative ideas:So Much Better with Age blog

Antique Basket Project – Product List

You’ll need:

Let’s get Started

Here’s a cane basket I had on hand, and so it was a perfect fit for my first French Vintage Decor project.vintage basket

And here is the look we’re aiming for as per the Image on the left page of Jamie’s book.antique basket diy project French Vintage Decor

Video Tutorial

For the “how to”, I’m going to show you the replay of the Facebook Live I did showing the step by step process.

I explain as I go, so keep the sound up, and if there are parts you want to skip over, you can.

My finished “Antique” Basket

antique basket [fb_plugin like share=true layout=button_count]
vintage basket

My only regret in the process of doing this project, was not following Jamie’s instructions carefully enough when it came to really pushing your brush bristles into the crevices of the cane to get a better coverage. You can see my little peeps of the old orangey cane showing through.

Other than that, I LOVE how this turned out! Such an easy makeover to baskets you can pick up for so cheap at your local Op Shop or Charity Store.

What about you? Have you tried any projects from Jamie’s book? Have you painted cane before?

Please leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.


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Creating a vintage Basket

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