Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before pictures of this queen bedroom suite makeover, but imagine a mahogany or red-ish toned 80s varnished wood similar to the dresser and tallboy I have done in previous makeovers in the example pic below.

mahogany dresser

I treated and painted this bedroom suite with the same process I used for the above dresser, and you can read more about that process here:

Midnight Blue Dresser Drawer Set

I explain to you exactly why I used Fusion’s Ultra Grip on these pieces in the above post, and you’ll find a handy prep chart to help you decide how much prep you may need for your own piece of furniture.

You can also see some behind the scenes video of painting this queen bedroom suite, on my Instagram account in the Highlight stories on my profile under “Bedroom Suite”. Click here to see: Sharon’s Instagram Profile

Instagram I Restore Stuff

Setting up a “Bedroom” in my Workshop

I had to take pictures of the queen bedroom suite after I’d finished it, so that I can list it, post about it and all of the things you do when you paint furniture to sell. The best area to take pictures in my place is my workshop space. There’s a lot of natural light streaming through the high windows, but it takes a bit of effort to make it look more like a “bedroom” than a workshop!

In the image below, I took this high shot with my iphone just to show a bit of an idea of what I was working with. You can see the window into my husband’s video editing suite behind my Logo sign hanging in the window frame. Hmmm, I had a think of how I could make this look a little better.

Queen bedroom set Sterling

I went hunting around my house for solutions and got to my son’s old bedroom with charcoal grey curtains and thought – perfect! I found some brackets, attached them to the wall, and took the whole curtain rod from his room with the curtains hanging and dragged them over to the window for a much nicer backdrop for the photo shoot!

If I could do a re-take, I would have put another rug at the foot of the bed to take away from that workshop flooring! Don’t look too close or you may even see paint streaks along the floor!

Sterling Queen Bedroom set

I gathered some “props” from around the house for the bedsides, and I’m happy with the how the pics came out.

Queen Bedroom set Sterling
Queen bedroom set Sterling
Sterling Queen Bed & Bedsides
Queen Bed in Sterling
One little highlight I did add was a little white wax in the carved out detail on this bedhead. It’s subtle, but effective.

I switched out the white pillow for the charcoal DREAM pillow part way through the shoot for a different look. Which do you prefer? Let me know in comments. I think I’m leaning towards the clean white look of pillows.

Queen bed in Sterling - by Fusion Mineral Paint
Queen bedroom set in Sterling.

Now, I just have to list it on my local marketplace. I’m currently in the USA visiting family, so will do that as soon as I’m back in Aus!

Let me know – Do you style and stage your furniture pieces to photograph them nicely to sell? Or do you just take a few quick snaps and list them?

It can really make all the difference to your sales as well as your advertised price point, if you make an effort to stage well and take good quality pics with plenty of natural light. Book a time with me if you think you’d love some help with this side of your Furniture Painting biz!

For some more great tips on staging and styling your furniture for sale, check out my video with Prue from My Decorator who took us through a great example with some fantastic tips: