More from our trip to the USA – Emmett, Idaho.

Aunt Ellen (holding a picture of her dad when he was little), with Marty & his sister, Paula.

Antiques & collectables galore as we stepped into Aunt Ellen & Uncle Dave’s house on our recent trip to the USA (see why we went here). During our travels, we spent some time in Emmett, Idaho, where Marty and his sister were born. Their parents were also born here, along with their immediate families, and many of them still live here!

Aunt Ellen is Marty’s Mom’s younger sister, and it was a joy to spend some time with her and Uncle Dave in their adorable house filled with antiques and collectables.

antiques & collectables cash registers

Check out the antique cash registers above – both with a unique story or two to tell, I’m sure. Much like Uncle Dave, who could point out anything in the house and tell you where it came from and who it belonged to – I’m pretty sure he has bragging rights of being the one who has collected the most out of their combined stash of vintage treasures!

Those cash registers were sitting by the front door to greet us as we walked in, and I’m sure Uncle Dave made some joke about paying our way before we could enter. Haha. Well, that IS an Australian $5 note I spy on the register to the right …

antiques & collectables kitchen cabinet filled
Just a kitchen hutch FILLED with collectables by the dining table!

Let’s take a closer look at this hutch for some hidden gems … like their vintage toaster collection:

Some old scales …

antiques & collectables kitchen scales green
antiques & collectables scales

I love their old stove that has been beautifully refurbished with a fresh enamel coating in vintage colours. It was the original stove from Marty’s Grandparents home.

antiques & collectables
antiques & collectables bottles on stove top

I told you it was just like visiting an Antique Shop! I love the vintage boxes and tins she has in her collection.

antiques & collectables boxes
antiques & collectables tins

An old telephone or two, strategically placed throughout her house …

Uncle Dave had a story for each of these vintage cameras … and don’t you love the Abe Lincoln wood box, along with the bust at the back of the shelf?

antique cameras antiques & collectables

Washboards of every kind – copper, glass and tin!

vintage wash boards

Ellen found a great way to display their collection of vintage kitchen utensils on this old door.

antiques & collectable utensils

This gallery wall is a beautiful feature in the lounge room with a lovely arrangement of vintage frames and pictures.

gallery wall of antiques & collectables
antiques & collectables art

This vintage light shade hangs from the lounge room ceiling, lighting up the corner where the telephone sits on a lamp table.

vintage light shade

Outdoor antiques & collectables

I just had to add these tulips here – I LOVE tulips in the spring and they are prolific in parts of the USA that we have visited or lived over the years. These are scattered along the fence line of Dave & Ellen’s back yard, front garden and could be seen in neighbors gardens along the streets of Emmett.

This old sundial sits in the back garden among the pretty flowers.

Along with this old cast iron stove that brought back fond memories for Marty & Paula who remembered making mud pies outside in this very stove, growing up around their Grandparents’ farm.

Among some old advertising signs outside on an exterior wall, is the family name sign from the old “Shoemaker” farm.

antiques & collectables

We were blessed with such beautiful weather everywhere we went. It was so lovely to connect with Marty’s family in Emmett, and then more family later in Seattle.

I hope you enjoyed this small tour of Aunt Ellen & Uncle Dave’s place. I know many of you love antiques and collectables like I do, so it was fun to browse and take some pics to share with you all.

Do you have something particular that you love to collect? 

What would be your go to antique or vintage item if you were to “Pick” Aunt Ellen’s house?? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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