This refinished Bayberry Garden Cupboard was actually one of my first furniture makeovers when I began flipping furniture over 10 years ago. Here it is painted with Bayberry in it’s “next life” as a garden cupboard for my daughter, Tori who has taken a keen interest in growing things!

Bayberry cupboard

But let’s take a look back at it’s history. You can see the original makeover HERE where I pulled this old cupboard out of our garden shed, and realised that it contained a little more of my own family history than I first realized! It belonged to my Dad’s family and there’s a fun surprise I found when I originally restored it, so do take a look and see what it used to be.

poppas cabinet

Here’s the original paint work I came up with when I first restore it (below) and I’ve been using this cupboard to hold various supplies for my furniture & upcycling business, but I’m happy that it can find a new use as Tori’s Garden cupboard.

Poppa's cupboard first refinish

I decided to leave the sealed timber top as it was, because I’m happy with how it was done in my original makeover.

So we removed the knobs, and got to painting the exterior of the cabinet with Fusion’s Bayberry – a beautiful olive green, perfect for a garden cupboard.

Fusion Bayberry pot on top of cupboard

And we’re so happy with the finished result after adding the solid brassy handles. I also added some little magnetic catches inside each door to help the doors shut properly.

Bayberry garden cupboard

Bayberry garden cupboard

Because this piece is going onto our side patio and may see a bit more of the elements, although still undercover, I did seal it with Fusion’s Natural SFO (clear).SFO NaturalWhat do you think of this colour, Bayberry? If you’re in Australia, you’ll find it in my shop in Brisbane upstairs in the Camp Hill Antique Centre, or online for Australia wide shipping here.

If you’re in the USA, you can use my affiliate link here.

Bayberry garden cupboard styled with watering can

Bayberry garden cupboard