Cotswold Green – Artisan Mineral Paint


Cotswold Green is a dark, moody olive green. Perfect to pair with neutrals, like our Natural Linen. Or contrast with one of our Stain & Seals over wood.


Cotswold Green – A dark, moody olive green. Perfect to pair with neutrals or whites.

Cotswold Green is a colour from our Artisan Mineral Paint range – a premium quality decorative paint that combines the best of old world tradition, modern technology and advanced pigments.

This colour pairs well with our neutrals, like Natural Linen or pair with a wood top or drawers on a dresser stained with one of our Stain & Seal favourites.

It is a primer, blocker and paint all in one which makes your job super easy! With an inbuilt sealer there is no need to seal, and the inbuilt UV protection means colours won’t fade, even outdoors! Artisan Mineral Paint is water resistant, washable and self levelling. Easy to apply, Artisan Mineral Paint dries to a stunning smooth eggshell finish that can be distressed for a vintage look or left for a more contemporary finish.

With super slick manufactured surfaces such as melamine and laminate, we recommend a coat of Quick Prep (and this also protects against tannin bleed through, blocks odours and increases vibrancy of colours). With its smooth eggshell finish and washable surface, maintenance of Artisan Mineral Paint is simple. All of our specialty effects such as glazes, Instant Age, Pearl and Alchemy work beautifully with the Artisan Mineral range. Artisan Mineral Paint is perfect for smooth modern finishes, mid-century retro projects, stencilling and colour blending, and can be used on fabric, metal, glass and plastic. VOC free and eco-friendly.

There is no need to seal the paint, however you may choose to use any of the Artisan range of sealers and glazes to achieve your desired look. Unlike other paints, Artisan Mineral Paint has been designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and strong sunlight. It is the first choice for those who like to paint and go, and is more suited to smooth modern or MCM looks.


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200ml, 600ml, 50ml


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