Fusion Mineral PaintFusion Metallics and tints are gaining in popularity and there are literally hundreds of fantastic DIY projects and craft ideas that you can use these paints for.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics

Fusion™ Metallic paints are water based, highly pigmented iridescent colours and can be also used for tinting other Fusion™ Products. They can be mixed with Fusion™ Smooth Embossing Paste or Fresco to produce beautiful textured finishes. Fusion™ Metallics may also be used straight from the pot for stencilling, murals, and floorcloths.

I have used the metallics for stencilling a few different things, like the canvas art in this blog post HERE, as well as adding it to a few DIY projects (click the pic to see the post):

Copper Metallic Tint

Copper metallic added to drawer knobs on this study desk.

copper metallic tint pencil holder

Copper Metallic on this metal pencil holder.

Gold metallic Tint

Gold Metallic stencilled on these wooden hangers.

My $5 KMart T-shirt Hack

For this project, I used one of my Funky Junk vintage stencils and a plain grey t-shirt I bought for $5 from KMart.
Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1867

Start by taping your stencil down as you would on most projects, but make sure you insert some cardboard or newspaper inside the t-shirt to stop the paint from bleeding through to the other side of your shirt.Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1870

I used Fusion metallic paint in gold, squeezed a small bit in a dish, dipped my brush in, then dabbed the excess off on a newspaper.Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1871

Stencilling Tips

You can either work in a dabbing motion, or swirling motion. Either way, the KEY is to NOT have your brush loaded, but fairly “dry”. Less is more so that the paint or tint doesn’t bleed under the stencil.Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1872 Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1874

Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1875

Remove the stencil carefully lifting straight up from the t-shirt.

Cleaning up with Fusion Metallics

Stencils can be washed or wiped off with water as the paint is water based. Use Fusion’s Brush Soap for extra help.

Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1876

Fusion metallics

Note I only used the part of the stencil that will fit on the shirt comfortably.

Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1882

I turned the shirt inside out and used a tea towel in between the shirt, before ironing the back of the print using a medium hot setting, to set the paint just to be sure.

And there you go – a metallic stencilled t-shirt!
Metallic gold t-shirt stencil-1966

And, yes, I have worn it and washed it SEVERAL times now and it washes well. Still looks like it does in this pic.

You can find the stencil used in this project HERE.